Warning is preventing. Preventing means everyone is unharmed. Everyone. I’m intentionally being harmless to all via kind intents first on purpose first. It’s never unexpected that numerous people are immature, childish, unwise, etc., via their thoughts/minds/consciousnesses at any time so they don’t know how to improve/think in order to get along with others (They have […]


I notice individuals treat my youngest sister as a responsible & mature adult by her height. She still has a childish attitude and she’s unwise at the moment. SHE ACTUALLY NEEDS PROTECTIONS, SUPERVISIONS, CAUTIONS, TRUEST-LOVE/TRUE-LOVE/LOVE, ETC [I.e. She genuinely must be cared about in life]. She mainly learns FAST, but she currently seems to be […]


I want passionate individuals to truly comprehend this. Your passions are usually shiftable into most interests, careers, etc., of your personal choices/options, especially for gifted individuals. Yous could still be passionate even if you aren’t gifted, I think. Knowing this, there’re options in life for yous. Passion is success. Keep on seeking 100% happiness/health/peace via […]


Comprehend anyone that’s considered young or confused are usually continuously learning in life. Those with wisdom, life-experiences, etc., should be their role models; be understanding, lenient, forgiving, helpful, etc., whenever yous can. They’re still learning and progressing/advancing in life [Fact: Lessons in life are endless for anyone at any age]. Their errors in life are […]


Personally, I love the beauty, cosmetic, fashion, etc., industries. It’s part of my exterior-perfectionist-happiness to be truthful. I’m also in obsessed with the car/technology/aesthetic-surgery/health/dental/medicine industries, and modern lifestyles. There will always be people judging me via exterior visuals because they’re incapable of comprehending there’re more to meet than the eyes, or they’re not opened-mined that […]