Personally, I’m loving this kind of weather right now [My state is known for having all seasons in one day]. Presently it’s dull (I love dull weathers by the way, it’s meditative for/to me). Lightly raining [Summer rain is soothing and lovely] but it’s not cold at all (It’s the perfect warmth). Without the rain […]


Obviously, there’re older generations than me; nonetheless, they could be stellar, sexy, youthful, cute, adorable, etc. It’s merely their personal choices/preferences to age naturally or not.  Age is merely a number in modern societies now. >We know age never define maturities nor compatibilities. >Youthfulness/exterior-perfections are simply solve by dermatologists, skin-specialists, cosmetic surgeons/doctors/nurses, etc. >Souls, hearts, consciousnesses, etc., don’t […]


Gold isn’t my favourite metal to wear; however, after knowing more about gold. I shall definitely wear gold now: Gold also symbolises illuminations, truest-loves, compassions, courages, passions, magics, and wisdoms (What I truly believe in about everyone/myselves first via kind intents first on purpose first). Gold actually represents protections/care to all, including the wearers. (This […]


One of the things that money can’t buy is entire-freedom in/to life, societies, etc. Solutions for anyone that are confined in a particular way and you’re unhappy, you could be in various disguises whenever & anywhere. I simply want to inform/help those unaware. P.S. Please truly comprehend all I do in life is via passions […]


Let’s have harmless & considerate fun whenever possible in life (Obviously, always think first and more). Truest-love shall lead/be the way anyway. Now about this, should be obvious. For those that have questions in music? Never worry. The solutions are simple, needs and helpful to all generations. Your life, your individualised life’s schedules. You’re not […]


Lifespan overview: 20 years of age and over: Graduate [To work for/with others or be your own boss], be independent. You don’t want your loves one to be worried that you’re financially dependent on someone. You should want to be independent for yourself or others (if you ask me). You truly need to know who […]


My truest-love only exists when it’s reciprocated via my perfectly compatible kinds of personal examinations, observations, etc., over a duration of time (There’re specific kinds of hearts/souls/consciousnesses I truest-love more than others). I can’t describe in details of individuals I personally truly love (My love-life is truly being controlled and I don’t want anyone one […]


I notice individuals treat my youngest sister as a responsible & mature adult by her height. She still has a childish attitude and she’s unwise at the moment. SHE ACTUALLY NEEDS PROTECTIONS, SUPERVISIONS, CAUTIONS, TRUEST-LOVE/TRUE-LOVE/LOVE, ETC [I.e. She genuinely must be cared about in life]. She mainly learns FAST, but she currently seems to be […]


Comprehend I’m never ever afraid of leaving anyone (Wealth/exterior-perfection aren’t my priorities; therefore, 100% unsuccessful to stop me. Lust is futile towards me. I comprehend of peace, truest-loves, souls, hearts, natures, wisdom, passions and beyond) when enough is enough [I present chances and they’re 100% intolerable now. If they never seem to improve for the […]


Since I’m The Kind Devil, I’m also grateful & thankful to all Gods, Goddesses, Archangels, angels, etc., since they’re empathic, accepting and beyond. I believe in Truest-Love and Universal Peace (I shall never ever harm any Devils nor The Devil [I already explained why in my previous articles]. I will only warn others so they […]