Wherever yous are in life, keep on advancing, learning, etc. Yous have the entire brightest future to start anew; I/others cherish yous. Life is a gift to yous; everyday is a present within itself. Yous’re also are my shining stars. REMINDER: When your own heart has it’s own emotions, feelings, senses, intuitions, etc., you could […]


Hey, don’t/never think I forgot about yous (My brain is all-embracing information to/for The Universes and beyond, so simply remind me. Yous know I’m 100% grateful) I’m invariably here for yous (Overall-life contexts). Yous’re there (Yous/I know I could 100% help yous. Literally, right now. Let me [It could be that simple; I’m one email […]


Think, rethink, reconsider, and repeat. Uniting similarities, interests, passions, etc., are perfect but it’s also perfection that all extremely unique individuals contribute in life. Everyone has personal psychological/physical flaws, insecurities, concerns, issues, etc. Unique individuals are gifts in life by showing different options/perspectives in/for life. Differentiate: Caring expected compatible popular individuals are anticipated and caring […]


It’s obvious how/why I can’t 100% be traumatised, depressed, etc., for lengthy times in life, and many of my dearest individuals aren’t alive. I invariably have personalised solutions for everything/everyone, so I truly love life because it evidently loves me in its own ways (I notice, I can’t/won’t be ungrateful). I’m present; happiness, peace, success, […]


I couldn’t care less about sexual orientation now. I’m completely over it. I’m absolutely done with that; I’m 100% uninterested/unconcerned regarding sexual-orientation this moment forward (Acceptance contexts, no exception). I genuinely care about yous if we’re soul-compatible, or compatible, chill, peaceful, etc. Simple. Assuming anyone is hurt by me in any sexual-orientation regarding sexual-orientation matters, […]


I’m in truest-love with someone that passed away. He was confused in life by divergent influences, also what he lacks in life effected him. I’m a heterosexual female since birth. I know his soul is a heterosexual male meaning he’s heterosexual male. All I’m saying is, whatever sexual orientation he thinks he is? I would […]


My compatible souls can’t offend me at all. I’m never offended now. Not a tiny bit because I’m not seriously hurt anymore. I genuinely always adore, respect, considerate, etc., compatible souls first via kind intents first on purpose first. I’m capable of unconditional soul friendship and unconditional [perfectly soul] truest-love (For all eternity contexts. I […]


Spiritually/emotionally, I’m always well at the end. Always. Doesn’t matter what happens to me. No one needs to worry about me. I shall never forget THOSE DEAREST TO ME. It doesn’t how much pain of any forms I’m in. I could be dead and I’m still not hurt. Always focus on yourself, overall-health, and your […]


UPDATE: Personally, I forgave all my haters-first, inspired from another special person to me. If they’re haters-first by immoral intents first on purpose first, they’re forgiven. It doesn’t matter if you’r sorry, or not. I never hate haters-first anymore. Yous are who yous are. Yous be yous. I be myself. It is what it is. […]


I’m considering to have my comment section available to the masses but my personal website is personal. I’m never forcing anyone to read/accept my personal concepts, lifestyles, preferences, thoughts, etc., as well [People have the freedom of choices to leave/block anytime they want]. On second thoughts, I’ll leave my comment section available for potential-compatible, peaceful, […]