I was postponing everything, I was literally dying, enough said (Only my supernatural guidances and the gifted, kindest, truest, loveliest, rarest, etc., entities in life knew when to be caring about/for me). This only shows me who to truly love in life. Whenever I do anything in life, it’s for those that truly care about […]


Personally, I’m loving this kind of weather right now [My state is known for having all seasons in one day]. Presently it’s dull (I love dull weathers by the way, it’s meditative for/to me). Lightly raining [Summer rain is soothing and lovely] but it’s not cold at all (It’s the perfect warmth). Without the rain […]


Universal Peace is the same as peace & truest-love when you’re reading my articles (Editing isn’t completed yet), I just realise this about mysevles. I don’t want to write a lot anymore at this moment in time since I must edit all the time. I’m never the same individual in life either. Honestly, I only […]


My truest-love only exists when it’s reciprocated via my perfectly compatible kinds of personal examinations, observations, etc., over a duration of time (There’re specific kinds of hearts/souls/consciousnesses I truest-love more than others). I can’t describe in details of individuals I personally truly love (My love-life is truly being controlled and I don’t want anyone one […]


Rare consciousnesses have photographic memories. What yous impersonally show to life must be optimism/healthiest to/about yourselves too (Should remove hurtful visuals of yourselves [Example, a wound of yours] for yourselves when yous’re serious [Especially on impersonal social media, their misinterpretations, misbeliefs, misunderstandings, etc., could cause them to be unwise/unvirtuous]). I want to remind everyone in life I’m […]


Warning is preventing. Preventing means everyone is unharmed. Everyone. I’m intentionally being harmless to all via kind intents first on purpose first. It’s never unexpected that numerous people are immature, childish, unwise, etc., via their thoughts/minds/consciousnesses at any time so they don’t know how to improve/think in order to get along with others (They have […]


I notice individuals treat my youngest sister as a responsible & mature adult by her height. She still has a childish attitude and she’s unwise at the moment. SHE ACTUALLY NEEDS PROTECTIONS, SUPERVISIONS, CAUTIONS, TRUEST-LOVE/TRUE-LOVE/LOVE, ETC [I.e. She genuinely must be cared about in life]. She mainly learns FAST, but she currently seems to be […]


Anyone in any industries for a while, you have fans, audiences, etc., now. Especially when you’re the one impersonally sharing/offering/presenting your gifts, talents, skills, and more to the public. People behave a certain way in specific social events; meaning it’s right to be forgiving/considerate by being conscious of people’s behaviours at certain social events whenever possible […]


Comprehend I’m never ever afraid of leaving anyone (Wealth/exterior-perfection aren’t my priorities; therefore, 100% unsuccessful to stop me. Lust is futile towards me. I comprehend of peace, truest-loves, souls, hearts, natures, wisdom, passions and beyond) when enough is enough [I present chances and they’re 100% intolerable now. If they never seem to improve for the […]


How to find perfectly compatible Souls & Hearts?  Obviously, truest-love/true-love/love never have anything to do with wealth. It’s to truly love their soul/heart/conscious as you’re compatible via intuitions/nature as well [They’re perfectly compatible or compatible to yous].  Words’ definitions literally do all the work to find your perfect souls/hearts/consciousnesses/compatible-intuitions/natures. Firstly, you must genuinely & truly […]