I mentioned the meaningfulness of personalised schedule/time and how individuals’ overall-health, life, well-being, personal-priorities, etc., were healthily effected. I shall emphasis/elaborate this once more. Notice anywhere & everywhere you are/go, your overall-health/life concerns are valid rationales to rest/stop so you could properly care for your overall-health until you’re 100% overall-healthy again (Emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, physically, […]


This is how I never ever get into any severe/serious disputes in real-life/social-media. 100% never ever consistently for long duration of time; I eventually never want see those I’m 100% incompatible with. The first consequence of disrespecting my personal boundaries are signs of their lack of information regarding me. I offer chance(s) and forgive. The […]


Keeping my promise that I won’t show my sensitivities online if/as I effect others [I shall remain calm for them]. Don’t think 200 + family members mean anything to me (They never define families if you ask me). Specific & simplest contexts, we’re 100% incompatible [I don’t mind 4 of them]. I 100% know my […]


Personal/impersonal happinesses exist all the the time, whenever. Perhaps, nothing personally tearfully exists in their lives, contexts. I’m sure individuals are romanced/truly-loved (Those are perfect to me). Many should be conscious/aware there’re vividly heartfelt-hearts that miss those they cherish/truly love forevermore which are deceased [100% possible for individuals truly in love for all eternity if […]


I need to remind planet Earth that The Devil [Lucifer] was once an Archangel, the highest ranked angel. I.e., he could be a God if he wants. I only recently found out there’re different kinds/types of Devils.  This also means these Devils were once Archangels in Heaven.  Don’t be startled if Devils have all the […]


I want passionate individuals to truly comprehend this. Your passions are usually shiftable into most interests, careers, etc., of your personal choices/options, especially for gifted individuals. Yous could still be passionate even if you aren’t gifted, I think. Knowing this, there’re options in life for yous. Passion is success. Keep on seeking overall-happiness/health/peace via motivations […]


I simply know some people more than themselves at times [I know answers to all their problems too]. I want The Universe(s) to be conscious/aware of certain kinds of psychologies/minds/rarities in life. Some males or females are sincerely shy, kind, warm-hearted, genuinely good-natured and beyond (since the beginning of their lives [Perfect Hearts]). Don’t/never be […]