Hey, don’t/never think I forgot about yous (My brain is all-embracing information to/for The Universes and beyond, so simply remind me. Yous know I’m 100% grateful) I’m invariably here for yous (Overall-life contexts). Yous’re there (Yous/I know I could 100% help yous. Literally, right now. Let me [It could be that simple; I’m one email […]


I’m considering to have my comment section available to the masses but my personal website is personal. I’m never forcing anyone to read/accept my personal concepts, lifestyles, preferences, thoughts, etc., as well [People have the freedom of choices to leave/block anytime they want]. On second thoughts, I’ll leave my comment section available for potential-compatible, peaceful, […]


Reconditioning my personal website to virtuously focusing on guiding souls compatible to me because yous are special, cherishing, loveliest, etc., in my personal thoughts/opinions, and of course preaching my truest personal thoughts forevermore [me/myself/I]. I.e. Others could read my articles; however, apprehend arising conflicts means we’re simply, obviously, personally, etc., incompatible [Meaning you shouldn’t read […]


If I’m 100% authorised to take life away from people I hate most in life, would I? NO. I truly thought about this. I could easily, effectively, effortlessly, etc., never associate with them in my personal life. Simply solved. There’s no need to harm anyone because Life is LIFE [Mother Nature, The Universes, and beyond]. […]


Personally, I love the beauty, cosmetic, fashion, etc., industries. It’s part of my exterior-perfectionist-happiness to be truthful. I’m also in obsessed with the car/technology/aesthetic-surgery/health/dental/medicine industries, and modern lifestyles. There will always be people judging me via exterior visuals because they’re incapable of comprehending there’re more to meet than the eyes, or they’re not opened-mined that […]