A change in career decisions/directions: My original plan was working few years with one of strictest companies related to my qualifications (I did studied for years so I might as well see where that path goes for while before my final resolution, to be 100% certain [Those I cherish in life are neutral/happy/peaceful/happiest/overall-healthy again in […]


Wherever yous are in life, keep on advancing, learning, etc. Yous have the entire brightest future to start anew; I/others cherish yous. Life is a gift to yous; everyday is a present within itself. Yous’re also are my shining stars. REMINDER: When your own heart has it’s own emotions, feelings, senses, intuitions, etc., you could […]


How I personally manage public issues with global fame: I’ll hire someone that specialises in formally establishing overall-peace regarding public issues [No one gets hurt in any manners/reputations contexts]. I’m aware/conscious it’s maybe required to be personal when formally solving public issues BUT this is 100% conditioned by the situation though (Reconfirm with an expert […]


Hey, don’t/never think I forgot about yous (My brain is all-embracing information to/for The Universes and beyond, so simply remind me. Yous know I’m 100% grateful) I’m invariably here for yous (Overall-life contexts). Yous’re there (Yous/I know I could 100% help yous. Literally, right now. Let me [It could be that simple; I’m one email […]


I know my capabilities and many kinds of souls care about me in their own ways [I never want/need my sorrows to effect others’ overall-health]. Wherefore I always do my best to keep my emotions, feelings, senses, etc., in controlled whenever. Because of who I am [I’m conscious/aware of my many capabilities, potentialities, etc., in […]


With extremely popular individuals of many kinds of popularities or any kind of popularities in life, we’re full of information from The Universes and beyond, overall contexts. Do you know there’s another kind of perfect-compatibility, compatibility, etc., in life that’s present. These souls/hearts comprehend you from the start, you literally never/rarely have [major] issues with […]


Think, rethink, reconsider, and repeat. Uniting similarities, interests, passions, etc., are perfect but it’s also perfection that all extremely unique individuals contribute in life. Everyone has personal psychological/physical flaws, insecurities, concerns, issues, etc. Unique individuals are gifts in life by showing different options/perspectives in/for life. Differentiate: Caring expected compatible popular individuals are anticipated and caring […]


I’m never only one that’s extremely popular to truest-love/love with the kindest souls in life. Once people genuinely comprehend me, they truly love me. I’m genuinely a kind person via peaceful intents first on purpose first. We have diverse selections/options in life. Most people truly love us in many-all forms, representations, elements, etc., and all […]


I’m one of the most dramatic, mature, hysterical, serious, wisest, sensitive, romantic, affectionate, compassionate, accepting, forgiving, kindest, empathetic, gifted, etc., person I met in life. This is simply me, being myselves (Personally, intelligent is via repetition for me; nevertheless, I 100% respect intelligent people because intelligences are perhaps difficult for some people to develop. Efforts […]


It’s necessary to allow others to express their truest self so others, compatible-people, and beyond know when to be there for them. Understanding individuals better could be lead to peace in life as well. Everyone seems to be somewhat connected in life. Expressing yourself could be a form of therapy for yourself (Everyone should differentiate/comprehend […]