People ask me why I don’t see myself as Southeast Asians? FYI: I’m healthily obsessed/truest-love my Southeast Asian appearances. Personally, Southeast Asian females since birth are attractive too [All females in any ethnicities/nationalities are perfect, unique, special, exotic, etc., in their own ways in my personal visions/thoughts]. To me, souls aren’t defined by ethnicities/nationalities. My families consist of 200+ members. I had issues with all, except 4 cousins born/raised in Aus. Being raised/born in Australia, my childhood and my families’ childhoods are 100% different. I have different thoughts to everyone, especially my traditional Southeast Asian families. I can’t get along with them [I 100% tried out of kind intents first on purpose first but we’re soul incompatible]; nevertheless, I 100% love myself because I know we’re different [Our minds, lifestyles, souls, etc., are 100% contrasting].

All my teachers/lectures are mainly Caucasian (My Southeast-Asian/Asian lectures have similar virtues to the academic cultures [Most was born/raised in developed countries]); I never experienced racism/discrimination in real life. There is mutual peace with everyone in all ethnicities. I never have issues with Black-African, Causation, etc., students. Ethnicities are nonexistent between us.

Personally, popularity was totally a waste of my time in the past, friendship contexts (Most of them weren’t there for me at the end when I truly care for all via kind intents first on purpose). One Southeast Asian female born/raised in Aus is a considerate/compatible friend out of the Southeast Asians born/raised individuals [We’re neutral at the end as we know better than to waste time with incompatible souls [Nothing severe would prolong when conflict arises. We’re mature]. The rare Southeast individual that’s I’m compatible with is one of the perfect souls]. I don’t hate nor love them. There’s no special connection to be honest. For me, exterior is merely exterior visuals (Unless others define their exterior visuals their sole/prime purpose of/in life. Then it’s their personal lifestyles’ preferences. I respect personal choices first in life), it’s all about soul-compatibility, genuineness, etc., despite anyone’s ethnicities/nationalities.

Overall, College & University never impacted my social-life. Virtuous Empaths/anyone are loved by The Universes; we’re never lonely alone. Many are immorally curious about me; thus, I’m never for them. I truly globally care about good/compatible people/souls. If I’m perfectly-compatible to anyone, that soul is perfect to me [It’s truly rare for me to be 100% perfectly compatible to anyone because we’re empaths, or beyond]. Lifestyles/personal-preferences are personal.


Cosmetic surgeries, treatments, etc., are beyond normal nowadays in developed countries. I’m referring to the safest, healthiest, smartest, etc., techniques, substances, options, etc. The greatest plastic surgeons, doctors, dentists, nurses, etc. In all ethics, people want, need, or prefer to have perfect teeth, face, body, etc., 24/7. “Perfect” is divergent to everyone by the way. The truth is, you could identify all kinds of features, bodies, etc., in all ethnics. Hair colours, colour-contact lens, hair-styles, etc., are loved as fashion by many. There’re attractive and unattractive people in all ethnicities. It’s never about wanting to be another ethnicity. It’s about personal style, beauty expectations and personal preferences. Beautiful people pay for perfection reasons regardless of others’ objections. The reasons could be personal, deep, simple, etc. Whatever the personal reasons are/was? Still, definitely none of my businesses/concerns why others decide to get anything done. Their personal bodies & features, their personal decisions. Their personal life/reasons; their personal happiness. I comprehend these in depths. I support & respect all personal beauty standards, expectations, etc., in life.

I 100% support natural beauty also. If you’re 100% happiest with everything natural, ageing naturally, or unbothered by flaws? Awesome. Keep in mind everyone has different tolerant levels for everything and everyone has personal priorities. Personally, it’s a weakness to allow what others dictate what you truly personally prefer regarding personal exterior styles in all contexts of life. It’s inevitable/understandable for most beauty-lovers to love of these industries; regardless, how ideal their features & bodies types are to others. Also, there’s no reason to restrain ourselves, we’re not harming anyone. Being externally perfect isn’t a crime/offences in itself. It’s merely exterior personal preferences.

I accept strangers for having anything done and I’m empathetic towards people in my life for whatever the deciding reasons are. To me, others previous appearances are irrelevant because I platonicaly-love their souls more anyway [I admire/cherish perfect souls the most].

No one is forcing anyone to get anything done. There’s no need to abuse, harass, criticise, etc,. others FIRST for personal decisions concerning cosmetic procedures, cosmetic injections, etc. Shouldn’t immorally judge others first via personal exterior-visuals/perfect-preferences either when perfect-souls exist.


Many assume whatever by whatever concerning my personal businesses [my childhood details contexts] first and think they 100% know my personal details [I’m never starting issues anywhere first via immoral intents first on purpose first].

Yous never directly asked me FIRST via peaceful intents first on purpose first and I never personally & specifically said/clarified/replied directly to yous [No one is the same; thus, I treat souls accordingly by what they currently mean to me at this moment in time]. Comprehend your opinions are already 100% wrong regarding my personal whatever [Empaths and beyond are more complex].

I shall love what I love [personal-styles/thoughts contexts]).


This is for anyone enduring chronic mental disorders or PTSD by sexual-abuses [Rape or worse]: Your body produces new cells all the time. It could take a short period of time or years to renew/replace cells depending on the kinds of cells. If you’re severely traumatised for years, it’s possible you are untouched by that rapist now. Replace/renew cells are 100% certain for some calls by present biology related discoveries.

To anyone that can’t seem to let go of personal traumatic violation by to your inevitable circumstances (rape due to age, naiveness, force [cruel intents by manipulation/pressure too], etc) because your current intelligence blames the old you or life itself. Take it easy on yourself; your soul is pure. The human body’s complexities are highly-likely beyond humans’ comprehension/discoveries. General trusted scientific experiments results are questionable for personal implementation. There’s always an exception too; you might be the exception. What’s impossible for others’ experimented bodies might be possible for your body. An entire experiment must be personalised for personal results also. It’s could take beyond a lifetime for certain accurate results. All experimented results by the Human-Race is questionable to me [Human-body/complex contexts]. No one has an 100% identical body, mind, soul, heart, etc., either. 

Your soul & heart are the utmost supremest though. For those who were raped by someone yous trusted/loved. The heart heals itself, spiritual contexts. No doubt, your mind is careful now but that’s expected after unwanted case. With the right person, your heart shall reveal its new self. A soul can’t be touched; you notice lovely elder people [their souls are genuinely innocent/pure/kind/peaceful]? I do. A soul could be corrupted yet genuine changes in lifestyles/decisions/thoughts will 100% detox & reset/renew the soul.

Also, those that are progressing/healing from traumas. Everyone should seriously be mature concerning serious/personal contexts, matters, issues, etc., of anyone. Never ask about personal information unless that person voluntarily express themselves. Individuals heal at unique times in their lives. This can’t be rushed. These people are psychologically physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc., in need of healing. This is SERIOUS. They ‘re extremely vulnerable at this moment in their life as well [Ensure no one is using their emotions, feelings, sentiments, etc., against them to use/manipulate them]. Carers must offer them time, space, etc. Offer whatever overall-healthiest via kindness first on purpose in life so they could hastily recover asap [It’s vital for anyone caring for these people in such condition to put them FIRST as priorities until they’re overall healed if yous truly want the best for them, and truthfully care. This healing management timeframe should only be temporary; many heal in life. Do seek compatible professional assistances too].


People need to be overall healthy to care for anyone they love in life for your information.

Personally, anyone starting the issue first is the issue. They started it first. The rest are their repercussions. The most empathetic/kindest people have limits too. After few chances [warnings] first (maximum)? Never be surprised for a 360 degrees change in others’ behaviours when your always immoral first via cruelty first on purpose first, so stop blaming others after obvious chances given to you first. You had your chance(s) to be a virtuous person. Don’t call anyone hypocrites, narcissistic, evil, etc., after yous are clearly/directly warned (hidden chances/forgiveness) first.

Many people abuse the term the narcissistic. I 100% peacefully love myself. I’m never evil, disrespectful, inconsiderate, etc., to others first via cruel intents first on purpose first. I spoil myself because I’m always doing my best for peace, and I prefer to be independent too. I believe one must truly love oneself in order to truly love others as well. Loving oneself is a need; it’s self-care. Caring for others needs energies. If being good person in my personal methods to others are narcissistic, I’m a narcissistic to yous [When in fact, I’m simply peacefully loving/caring mine/others’ overall-health]. Also getting away from anyone for whatever reasons to sustain peace of mind is expected/normal.

Say, a person is manipulative, fibbing, inconsiderate, etc., first via selfishness first on purpose. Keep in mind that manipulative, fibbing, inconsideration, selfishness, etc., are describing words. 
A simplest case: If a person is truly overall-mean, that is simply who he/she is. Sometimes describing a person is just that. Merely describing words. It is what it is for many people as well. They actually don’t have a legit mental condition nor personality disorder. Some people are merely who they are.


Perspectives, point of views, or reports: 
His report, her report, or their report. 
Your report. 
Only Deities/Celestials know whom is right; the truth(s). 

Humans seeking the truth? Have everyone involved in the issues together. Only speak of the truths and the truths shall prevail. Lies are exposed via legitimate/indisputable rationales by the truths.

To me, anyone starting the issues with malign intents first on purpose? After prior warnings? They’re at fault because they start the entire issue first. All the conflicts/repercussion of everything would be nonexistent without the person that started it first. Warning are already reminders to prevent issues and those warnings are actually forms of hidden forgiveness. Don’t be surprised of the unexpected change of behaviours/solutions after the third/second warnings/chances. Even the kindest person/soul has a limit. And that’s only healthy for anyone’s peace of mind.


Pink has always been loved by my subconsciousness (My love for exterior beauty & genuine inner beauty/perfect souls are beyond. I’m eminently feminine, prior birth. To me, females have a unique femininity of the soul & female gender combined [I’m one of the evidences). Consciously & personally, pink hues are such cherishing/precious colours/lights of Mother Nature [florals, corals, etc], life [The Universe’s stars-galaxies contexts as well], etc (All the peaceful & lawful contexts). I loved all colours/shades/lights equally when I was younger [Aa a child, I never think about colours via intricacies]. Being informed/wiser as I mature. I realised colours/anything/everything could be personalised/customisable then compatible/special/meaningful for me. Currently & personally, I love pink because it’s the most feminine colours/lights in The Universe(s)/life to me and that’s why username is The Pink Hues. I simply happen to purchase pink-whatever whenever/here/there/everywhere all my life now [For no reason too]. I’m 100% certain that I’m not be the only person on the planet that loves pink. I know many people obsessed with pink or they love/fancy pink as well [FYI: We love colours/shades/lights too by the way). Fact: I always seem/tend to attract prominent attention to everything/anything I love/adore/cherish effortlessly & unintentionally in real life and online (Then I must clarify for peaceful souls’ overall peace [Empaths and beyond are rare. Most minds are incapable of truly 100% comprehending us. We never need to experience the same issues to be empathetic, soul connection is more than enough. We comprehend others but many can’t truly fathom us]. I don’t mind explaining for peaceful/compatible souls). My profile picture is one of my beloved pink out of the pink hues. Any colours/mixed-colour shades/lights with a blush/essence of pink inspired by or by Mother Nature/Life/The Universes’ pinkness is distinguish as part of the pink hues to me, such as, pinkish-peach, beige-pink, coral, rose-gold, pastel-pink, burgundy, etc. I also consider magenta to be part of the pink hues. Thank yous.

REMINDER: Personal standards (Overall-contexts) of mine are for me/myself/I [I NEVER expect/force/abuse/harass/criticise anyone to meet or exceed my personal standard of anything. You be you; Be yourself/true. Whatever makes you happiest. I respect first via kindness first on purpose first, always]. I 100% comprehend personal truly is personal. No one needs to be visually perfect or anything for/to me. When your soul is perfect, you’re automatically perfect to me [You’re 100% superior to those with only exterior beauty in my personal thoughts/VISIONS].

Also eyes of personal/exterior beauty/perfection are only cursed if those eyes are 100% shallow to others 24/7 in life considering friendships, truest-love, families, etc (Note-for-others: It’s never possible to be visually-perfect with perfect-soul, peaceful-soul, etc). Distinguishing/innovating/creating beauty in life is to peacefully create beauty on Earth others are incapable of envisioning for peaceful souls, perfect-souls, future-generation, etc., as well. All kinds of gifted individuals are gifts to the world (Simply keep personal life, and career separate if you must. Many genuinely peaceful gifted individuals never meant to fit in with the masses [Not everyone is sincerely peaceful] in life, and that’s one of anticipated prophesies. Comprehend you are rare in life).

P.S. Heterosexual males wearing pink is a peaceful colour to me.

Bisexual females/males and gay males wearing pink? Simple ask them. People might wear it for no reason [merely exterior visuals] or for reasons [Peaceful colour or whatever they personally believe].

Lesbian and straight females can wear any colours for whatever reasons or no reason at all [Chill contexts].

Also, no one is actually harmed in real life contexts—paints, pigments, etc., are applied for exterior visuals. I shall unconditionally cherish my compatible souls.



Specific repetitions regarding my virtues are inevitable for me. There are few I believe in life as an Empath (or more). Those are my life’s rituals & embraces. I NEVER EVER force my life’s rituals, embraces, virtues, etc., to anyone via forceful intents first on purpose first. Everyone knows we’re all unique with divergent wants, needs, demands, etc., in life to state the very least. My life’s regulations aren’t meant to be perfect for everyone. I’m personalised for Universal-Peace. Simple. 


People on social media should comprehend this concept. If I disagree with you, that doesn’t mean I hate/despise you (I comprehend personal-preferences/thoughts FIRST and mutual-respect for personal preferences/lifestyles FIRST). When peace is the goal, we’re always improving/healing the best kind of souls.

REMINDER: This is my personal website. I want to empathise the importance of my personal website/anything/everything if yous want to be in my personal real life, or comprehend me personally. My impersonal professional careers, passions, interests, hobbies, etc., are predominately for Universal Peace. It’s natural to love peace [I’m peaceful FIRST via kind intents first on purpose first, always in life] and impersonal anything/everything that are 100% peaceful/lawful/fair for/to all [Impersonal businesses via my peaceful & lawful passions, interests, careers, etc., are simply Impersonal Peaceful/Lawful/Fair businesses]. My personal dimensions exist. This personal website of mine tells my truest personal selves for those needing my personal information for their personal peace of mind. With my truest selves disclosed enough online without harming anyone, I can peacefully be for Universal Peace [My personal website/anything/everything presented on Social Media is the elemental foundation of to my impersonal Peace gifted to the physical world]. Those that are simply interested in me for impersonal businesses contexts then my personal website/anything/everything is obviously irrelevant/unconcerned to/for them/yous [We aren’t in each others personal lives/anything. Of course, yous could read if it helps yous though]. I believe personal information and impersonal businesses [Including impersonal partnerships of course] shouldn’t intermixed [I usually personally object to everything] EXCEPT if you’re using it to help/unite others to overcome their personal-issues/concerns [Assisting anyone by any methods are virtuous to me]. For others’ identities that are conditioned by their careers and who you truly are? If you genuinely personally disagreeing to everything, but you’re careers are impersonal? Maybe Keep those disclosed separate. Consider being anonymous when that’s an option. Extreme fame is more responsibilities unless you’re a genuinely personally chill & unbothered individual. This means being yourself to the masses-population shouldn’t harm/hurt anyone. Everything depends on who you are, and your identity, personalities, goals, personal-priorities, etc). Ultimately, overall’s contentment & peace to/in life are 100% impacted/unbalanced if yous left those unmanaged/inhealed. I shall continue to edit/update changes and express myselves for life since changes are inevitable (I’m also healthily obsessed/addicted with everything/anything technology to be truthful, overall contexts).