I believe it’s right to sustain options (The kinds of hearts/souls/minds contexts) in my personal life as well [Unique/unexpected/rare individuals exist in life]. Increasing my personal incompatibilities for others [I’m not always 100% perfectly correct 24/7 in my entire lifespan regarding all matters in/of life] could result to their heart-breaks, depression (Some people change in time as well), etc.; nevertheless, I 100% respect others’ personal decisions/thoughts for themselves as always (Peaceful & lawful contexts). Personally, I never want/need to harm/hurt perfectly compatible individuals that truest-love me.


I want to remind Humanity some evils in life aren’t evil.

Unconscious merciless by any unidentified entities/creatures should be understood too. Various supernatural creatures/entities are designed, born, summoned, etc., in the newly existent unconscious phase(s) so they can’t be disciplined at the present time. Knowing this is actually peace. Have/be empathy (Personally, I have sympathy for them). Comprehend they don’t/can’t understand/do/be any better at this moment in time.

Apprehend this means prevention instead of eliminating all of them in any conditions (This action could symbolises yous’re cruel because yous’re consciously exterminating all of them. If it’s possible/safe for yous/others, leave them alone whenever you can [They might be consciously lovely in time]. I know humans are capable of being conscious, compassionate, caring, lovely, etc.

Imagine lethal livings; yous utilise precautions. Humanity and other species are still peacefully living together. It’s also possible for all types/kinds of creatures/entities in any realms/space to peacefully co-exist on Earth as well.

(Needless to say, the conscious supernatural entities/creatures peacefully co-exist on Earth whenever, to me anyway)


The worse pain for many individuals are experiencing people they truest-love past away.

Think about it. Suppose this is also true for many, certain forms/levels of pains in/of life are perhaps optionally standards for few individuals (Personally, adaptation is ordinary for me).

Example: Numerous individuals actually get to choose their deja vus in life. Selecting kindness via trust first on purpose first in life to/with everyone means misunderstandings, misinterpretation, etc., are inevitable at times because individuals’ personal contextwises are contrasting for/to all/most. This cycle I’m enduring/noticing since my teen years for being kind via trust first on purpose is my personal decision. I don’t mind clarifying misbeliefs because kindness via trust first on purpose first for/to all in life is part of my rituals. I 100% respect others’ personal final decisions/thoughts as always though. People only change themselves anyway. We’re simply compatible/soul-compatible or not. It is what it is.

All I know is being kind, forgiving, accepting, etc., are virtuous/harmless to others (Universal contexts, including unknown entities/creatures) and I shall embrace/ritualise those as many times as possible in my life.

I’m grateful to those that comprehend me personally. I know yous’re special/rare to many/me in life (Definitely some of the wisest).


You’re experiencing reduce of love for anyone you genuinely care, adore, etc., towards via kind intents first on purpose first because of whatever they do, say, etc? An optimistic/kind point of view is [more] freedom.

When you truly care about anyone, there’re possibly restrictions you place upon yourself for their happiness, peace, etc. Those could be set-free now.

Learn and continue to glow on in life. The worse scenarios are endings, but endings are simply new beginnings. Always have/be faith. Many issues in life aren’t permanent.

(I know this could be peculiar to/for many/myselves; however, I’m beyond forgiving, lenient, loving, caring, etc., now than ever before. I can’t sense a legitimate reason to 100% leave anyone unless they’re 100% happiest without me by hating on me via immoral intents first on purpose first. I shall 100% leave them then [I’m not even leaving them for myselves, it’s for them].)


For future references as well. I’m invariably happiest [I may not display this 24/7 in life but it’s 100% certain]. Never/don’t worry about me when yous are. I’m always eventually happiest as well if I experience any issues in life. That’s a personal fact for me. Understand my highest priorities in life are achievable for me. Only heal yourselves. Progressing, advancing, etc., are inevitable to me. This is simply who I am too.

(I shall always be kind via trust intents first on purpose first. It’s virtuous. It’s never shocking others’ aren’t as I thought of them, but that’s not always the situation. I’m won’t be unfriendly to everyone because of lessons in life. I always move on in such issues. Perfect, peaceful, compatible, etc., souls exist in life.)


Others to others contexts [You’re 100% seriously hurt by others]: Written, spoken, visuals, etc., words or anythings/individuals are possibly in different contexts for those/others’ specific individuals’ minds/intentions/definitions. I hope others are aware of words’ contextwise meanings too if they want to. The contexts of words, phrases, sentences, anythings, people, visuals, etc., could be different to/for everyone’s personal contexts. It’s expected others’ minds comprehend different versions/contexts of the initial meanings to what are presented/perceived.

No one on their own could 100% watch over everyone’s contentments 24/7 to ensure everyone on Earth is perfectly happiest 24/7 in life (So they’re won’t be offended contexts), overall-life contexts. Of course, I shall change when I know I’m hurting others. I’m genuinely a kind. Obviously there’s never hate by me and I shall forgive. I experience this all the times in the past. I’m never the only one that are misunderstood, misinterpreted, etc., whenever. This is inevitable at times for anyone in life. I never forcefully manipulate/change others’ thoughts, thus I always emphasis others to [personally] think, rethink, reconsider, differentiate, etc., for themselves as many times as possible, and be aware/conscious of others’ senses instead of 100% believing my/anyone’s personal thoughts. My intentions are always well via kindness first via on purpose first.

(Clearly, humour contexts are comprehensible. There’re obviously differences by Freedom Of Speech/Expression to types of abuses/harassments via serious/only hate-first reasons. Many mature, chill [carefree], wise, cool [awesome], compatible, or more kinds of individuals comprehend the differences (unless someone is 100% personally offended [Personal is personal; people feel what they feel]). When there’re issues, the solutions are usually understandable [Because those are misunderstandings, misinterpreted, etc., the intentions are peaceful, harmless, etc].)

P.S. For me, It’s kind of me to recheck words’ definitions due my/others personal/impersonal word’s definition contexts. This is why editing is necessary for me as my readers, admires, haters-first, etc., are seriously be hurt. It’s never only about clarifying misunderstandings, misinterpretation, etc for/to them. Accidentally the wrong evidently could be hurtful to them as the meanings wasn’t what I 100% meant, and I never intentionally want/need to hurt anyone. I now edit as forms of kindness for/to them as well. This is simply me though.

Acceptance/casual/carefree/friendly contexts: By me to others’ contexts, I’m personally 100% nonchalant however anyone writes. I couldn’t care less as I simply comprehend all kinds of writing styles and it errors exist at times. No one is a 100% perfect writer. I’m completely over it and absolutely unconcerned how others express themselves via words or writings (Peaceful & lawful contexts). I’m personally nonjudgmental to others. I know many individuals in realities are more than what/how they write anyway. This is obvious to me, overall-life contexts.


This information is for anyone in truest-love with someone of any sexual orientation & genders. The situations are complex, but that person needs/wants truest-love. You know this soul is perfectly compatible to you; you simply be there [Care, encouragement, etc., contexts]. If your truest-love happens to be this kind of soul, it is what it is [Depending on the soul, you customise suitable solutions], and this should be easy for you. You’re doing this for your truest-love [That’s self-explanatory]. It’s that simple. Your truest-love is psychologically/emotionally/spiritually unstable for committed relationship at the present time (by legitimate rationales [Empathy and compassion are essential at this stage] Yous need to comprehend they don’t have a choice by their decisions [Life is divergently complex for countless individuals]; leaving them in these types of situations is wrong. (By the way, this never needs to be stressful: both of yous know each others’ personal personalities, lifestyles, wants, needs, demands, etc. Yous be fair or compromise until both concludes to an agreement. Example: No need to 100% abstain from high-priorities, fun, or whatever if those’er personally crucial to/for yous; unless, 100% self-discipline is a must for yous. Ultimately, everything is entirely up to both of yous to decide. Yous’re both welcome, be safe. 

I also want to apparent about another topic; I 100% respect/cherish gay couples’ truest-love too. The concepts of two males being together in truest-love has always been acceptable in my personal points of views [People truest-love who they truest-love; that’s simply how it is]. Same goes for transwomen or transmen with their partners. I genuinely care for all relationship equally. Fact: I acknowledge all kinds of truest-loves are perfect & personal. I 100% respect personal decisions.

Disclaimer: I also 100% respect others’ personal thoughts regarding their personal concerns/solutions [You do/think what’s best for both of yous. These are my personal thoughts as a guide only].


Overall acceptance contexts: My empathy, sentiment, etc., levels are increasing [I’m amazed at myself once again]. Accepting people as who they are could help them in unexpected ways [This is virtuous and it’s ideal for a peaceful global point of view]. I never need to 100% tolerate everything from/by them/anyone. The meaningful characteristic traits are enough for me to comprehend, observe, review, etc., their situations, influences, passions, minds, etc., to better understand them. For the differences? They’re who they are; their personal interpretations, perceptions, etc., are merely contrasting to ways I express myself. I could envision/comprehend how they think of/in life. If there’re intense conflicts due whatever reasons, those’er eventually detected then effortlessly resolved (I simply let them be them). No, I never hate, and I shall always forgive [Such embraces are permanently part of my rituals now]. It’s good to be able comprehend/interpret others’ unknown psyche via kindness first on purpose first because it reminds me to be a better person for them too. No one is 100% happiest 24/7 in life; thus, it’s always kind to be good to others whenever that’s an option.

P.S. Perfect, peaceful, chill, compatible, etc., souls are still THE DEAREST to me though.


When you’re feeling emotionally hurt for extensive intervals of times by others’ demises, and you can’t seem to move on [You’re missing that person contexts]? I read a quote few weeks ago. This is my personal version of the quote:

“Someone that’s perfectly soul compatible to you in The Galactic Universe(s) could truest-love you more.”

FYI: If that’s impossible due to your level of compatibilities, you’ll eventually by reunited with your truest-love after death. Don’t/never ever worry/stress; happily ever after exists. Everyone’s timeline is indeed different as we’re unique.

Not everyone has everything perfectly perfect 24/7 in life for all eternity either. I would manage time to personally truest-love life, and platonically show love [caring contexts] to perfect, peaceful, chill, compatible, etc., souls. Turn my passion to work as well. Personally, anything/everything optimistic [Any contexts/matters] ought to be presented whenever possible. I hope this inspires others to feel/be more encouraged/lively of options/control in life. There’re always people in all generation to care for in life. Compatible soul kinds to frequencies, maturities/wisdom, intelligences, etc., contexts regarding interests, careers, hobbies, and more/beyond exist; those are cool/ideal for soul friendships also. It’s the perfectly compatible soul that’s the rarest to me.

In another simplest perspective of my personal Humanity Compassion: “Changing someone’s world is literally the same as changing the world, her or his world to be precise.”

General contexts: When life is unclear, have hope & faith, and ALWAYS think of consequences before you react/respond. I never rush truest-love, career(s), passions, etc. We’re wise, intelligent, etc., at disparate time/experiences in life [There’re possibly side-effects by purposely ignoring essential stages/thoughts of/in life. Reminder: If you’re into studying, theories, learning, etc., then the peak of suicide is perhaps lowered compare to the uncertainties of the unknown risks in life. Yes, I’m 100% aware there’re infinite techniques to learn and individuals grasp information disparately to prevent unwanted situations too. They do whatever works for them; it’s cool]. That’s obvious; no one is 100% identical in all contexts, matters, aspects, etc. Simplest floral contexts: Not even the same kinds of flowers, roses, etc., flourish at the exact identical time in the same season(s). Life glows on forevermore. I.e.: As long as you’re always advancing/achieving your personal goals [Select your goals wisely], you shouldn’t be in extreme harmful situations, and your personal priorities/goals shall be successful/advancing. Some creation & innovation are timeless.

P.S.Yous are special & platonically-loved. It’s true. At times, the simplest unintentional [divine] deeds could change people’s worlds/days (The reaction could be passive or you aren’t there to document. Comprehend you made differences in others’ worlds/lives. The effects are perhaps continuous in life as everything/everyone impact one another). Example: Your authentic smiles/happiness to someone that genuinely cares for you could mean everything to him or her.

This also proves being able to truest-love yourself [Self-care to contentments in life contexts] could healthily/optimistically change worlds/lives (Loving yourself isn’t harmful when you’re being considerate towards others via kindness first on purpose first).

Reminders: Of course no one is 100% content 24/7 in their entire lifespan. Emotional volatilities are anticipated in life. When you’re despondent, me and rare others never expect yous to harm yourself by pretending happiness. We only want yous to heal and continue whatever makes yous most ecstatic in life, directly or passively. Always take care.


Since I’m capable of truest-love to female-soul & male-soul equally [Perfectly compatible soul contexts], I notice life is more peaceful being a full fledged lesbian for me. I never want to harm/ostracise any kinds of my perfectly compatible males’ souls/hearts; I shall remain bisexual.

P.S. Countless lesbians genuinely care for many-all as well. I’m referring to truest-love contexts above since more truest-love options are available for me now.