Wherever yous are in life, keep on advancing, learning, etc. Yous have the entire brightest future to start anew; I/others cherish yous. Life is a gift to yous; everyday is a present within itself. Yous’re also are my shining stars.

REMINDER: When your own heart has it’s own emotions, feelings, senses, intuitions, etc., you could platonically-love everyone (You’re able to offer chances to everyone via kind intents first on purpose first since people could be complicated. To me, there’re different kinds of loves in life by the way, such as, truest-love, true-love & love [Still platonic since I personally can’t compromise truest-love], love [Platonic-love referring to the most adored kinds of family-members, friends, concepts, intuitions, devices/objects, etc., contexts], etc. Yous could be for Universal-Peace as well), and you could comprehend me/others (similar to me). Truest-love is for truest-love or Universal-Peace. To me, Universal-Peace also means comprehension, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and beyond [No one is born in a 24/7 perfected life their entire lifespan. Think/consider about of the divergent/atypical influences, effects, etc., to unique/rare individuals’ in life. I 100% care about them too]. I shall never start conflicts first via unvirtuous intents first on purpose first [I’m genuinely a kind person]. Comprehend many popularities exists in life. With popularities, everyone loves me in many elements, essences, forms, etc., too. I CAN’T HATE THOSE THAT CARE FOR ME IN ANY WAYS, I SIMPLY CAN’T (I can’t even hate anymore, seriously. [It’s perplexing as I’m 100% capable of unconditional truest-love, loves, friendships, soul-friendships, etc., now. I genuinely even care about my haters-first too. I’m beyond intricate, to say the very least.]).

Celebrities should know the public aren’t 100% aware/conscious about celebrities. I am because I’m a celebrity in alternative elements, essences, etc. In life, there’re people that are forgiving/peaceful to others’/strangers’ errors/mistakes in life as long as you don’t repeat those again. Relax and live your best life. Truest-love, create, innovate, live, succeed, etc., in life. Right now (if/when yous want).



With extremely popular individuals of many kinds of popularities or any kind of popularities in life, we’re full of information from The Universes and beyond, overall contexts. Do you know there’s another kind of perfect-compatibility, compatibility, etc., in life that’s present. These souls/hearts comprehend you from the start, you literally never/rarely have [major] issues with them, nor need to explain countless times in life concerning everything/everyone. They’re never hating, troubling, etc., you in life. (Reminder: Compatibilities/perfect-compatibilities are expected in modern time, so being forgiving/friendly anytime/whenever help one another mends any kinds of misconstruing too.)

I’m 100% conscious/aware how/why reality and online/social-media are always about us [We’re compatible-perfectly compatible to many passions, souls, and-so-on]. I’m also aware/conscious of how special/rare other kinds of individuals are in life [They’re admirable to me as well]; compatibilities/perfect-compatibilities might be everywhere/anywhere. This year made me realise it’s vital to be overall-mindful of everyone in life whenever, in case I could help them.



Think, rethink, reconsider, and repeat.

Uniting similarities, interests, passions, etc., are perfect but it’s also perfection that all extremely unique individuals contribute in life. Everyone has personal psychological/physical flaws, insecurities, concerns, issues, etc. Unique individuals are gifts in life by showing different options/perspectives in/for life.

Differentiate: Caring expected compatible popular individuals are anticipated and caring about compatible futuristic popular souls of alternative forms, representations, elements, etc., are inevitable, passively, elementally, and beyond. We’re the future.

Compatibilities contexts: I cherish popular individuals and obviously cherishing alternatively elemental, passive, etc., popular souls [Such souls are globally influential to the global-leaders/celebrities in life as well. Many aren’t aware of unique kinds of global influences/popularities and how those’er possible. It’s evidently obvious/comprehensible to me]. (Of course I endear all whenever that’s possible for me. You never need to be popular/famous for me to cherish you. I’m non-judgmental, accepting, friendly, etc.)

Offering everyone more options to be their truest-selves. New kinds of existences are rising, loving, peaceful, etc., and its’ crucial to Life for everyone to contribute (if yous want). Everyone should/can be happy in life.

Do you comprehend how one person can change the world? Example: Someone with zero follower/view but is compatible, soul-compatible, perfectly-soul-compatible, or beyond to a global elite (Possibly more than one of the global elites). A global elite can change the entire world. It’s only one decision away. Reconcilable-perfectly-reconcilable souls’ are in sync. It could only take one person to change the world. This is for those that think popularity/influence are via views/followers. Think again. People should be aware/conscious of all forms, elements, passive, etc., popularities/influences in life as well. Truly decipher the most dynamic person/individuals in the world could possibly be anonymous, casual, etc., on social media [Might not even be on social media]. (Reminder: Needless to say, many views/followers are excellent, and it’s never impossible to be influential/popular in many kinds of popularities all at once).

The public and overall-society want/demand/need passions, qualities, integrities, world-class-services, or more.

You/others are unique souls. You/others have unavoidable divergent upbringings, souls, and more. Everything/everyone effects/influences one another. Participating in competitions means those aware of such competitions have control over the results. Comprehend whose those awarenesses’ belongs to [Your fans]. Maybe work with more companies, marketers, business-partnerships, etc., of similar/same industries/passions if you’re into collecting awards, or you don’t mind participating [This is an automatic system anyway when you’re working with global companies, business-partnerships, etc.; you automatically enter the competitions whether you want to or not. The only control you have are your personal interests, priorities, goals, etc]. Otherwise, I 100% comprehend personal priorities, interests, goals, etc., in life (For me, I shall let my passions, peace, hearts [I thought my mind & kindness is my heart. Only recently, I realise they’re separated so I shall update/edit my past articles whenever. My heart personally has her own feelings, emotions, senses, and-so-fourth. Hearts could be synchronised or perfectly-compatible to compatible to/for one another. Being able to platonically-love people is virtuous/meaningful. Many people are complicated; I want to offer everyone chances first via kind intents first on purpose first], kindness, forgiveness, etc., take over wherever that leads, career contexts). People should know the differences to passions and competitiveness. Some people are naturally passionate, gifted, etc., yet they’re not/never competitive at all. It’s always perfection/ideal for everyone to offer your best to/in life whenever but 100% be conscious/aware of your truest personal/impersonal selves (Prioritise for your overall-health as well [Psychological, physical, spiritual, emotional, etc., health]).

As long as you start with care/respect (in your own methods), you can’t go wrong at the end, and everything works out eventually. Certain concerns in any new companies/careers are inevitable, solve it with your hearts. That’s what I would do because I never intentionally hurt anyone/anything via immoral intents first on purpose first [I’m genuinely a kind person]. This is simply me though. You know yourself best; solve issues according to you.

Any new businesses or anyone new to any industries? It’s simply peaceful/kind/right to be mindful/conscious/aware of other’s businesses or individuals’ goals/dreams in life. We’re gifted, special, passionate or/and beyond. There’re more than enough spaces in The Universes for everyone to contribute.

(By the way, I rarely-never stay with one theme/concept with my writings, I offer everyone freedom of their own minds to think. Personally I don’t think about structures when I’m personally writing. I would rearrange sentences if others are confused/hurt from my writings by editing as well [I’ll do it for them to better comprehend me for their peace of mind])



I’m never only one that’s extremely popular to truest-love/love with the kindest souls in life. Once people genuinely comprehend me, they truly love me. I’m genuinely a kind person via peaceful intents first on purpose first.

We have diverse selections/options in life. Most people truly love us in many-all forms, representations, elements, etc., and all generations adores us because we genuinely cherish many-all individuals, no exceptions whenever that’s possible.

How to make me yours? I need to know you 100% die without me; that’s the only way [without harming/hurting yourself in any forms, elements, etc., so I can actually be with you in real life]. As I’m 100% willing to be a sacrifice for Universal-Peace [I genuinely care about all livings/entities in life and beyond] that’s one of my highest priorities; unless, you’re my Universes. It’s you [truest-love] or Universal-Peace (Truthfully, I 100% know UNIVERSAL-PEACE REMAINS possible when we’re together as well). At the same time, I’m 100% never ever jealous. You could be with billions or more of any kinds of individuals; my truest-love’s soul shall have freedom for all eternity. I 100% comprehend popularity and how natural it is for many individuals admire/cherish us in any forms, representations, elements, etc. I’m seriously peaceful, caring, selfless, etc. I shall always truest-love you as we’re perfectly soul compatible. Live you life however you’re happiest reality and be however you personally/impersonally prefer online, 100% entirely up to you (Peaceful & lawful contexts), don’t wait for me. I’m always there for you. I 100% comprehend (When I don’t due to whatever, I 100% do shall after awareness).

With us popular individuals, people who truest-love/love us are jealous of others that are cherishing, admiring, etc., us. Comprehend you truly love us and you’re admirable, wise, special, intelligent, gifted, or more too. All of us are popular for obvious reasons you comprehend in many forms, representations, elements, etc., (We’re are friendly, loveable, and beyond to say the very least. You 100% know this). This is why some-most extremely popular individuals are single in life. Everyone is jealous via misunderstanding, misinterpretation, etc. Extremely popular individuals in any-all forms, representations, elements, etc., comprehend me regarding this. People shouldn’t be jealous if that’s possible for yous. We genuinely care for yous or truest-love yous.



I’m one of the most dramatic, mature, hysterical, serious, wisest, sensitive, romantic, affectionate, compassionate, accepting, forgiving, kindest, empathetic, gifted, etc., person I met in life. This is simply me, being myselves (Personally, intelligent is via repetition for me; nevertheless, I 100% respect intelligent people because intelligences are perhaps difficult for some people to develop. Efforts are meaningful/respectful to/for me; I genuinely care about efforts).

Fact/Reminder: Everyone wants acceptance, peace, happiness, truest-love, truest-friend, trust, overall-heath, success, etc., in life. Everyone. I shall be generous to as many individuals as possible in life; your dreams & goals into realities in any representation, elements, etc.

P.S.: My haters-first or those I’m 100% incompatible in life, I never need/want anyone to harm/hurt them for me. I let them be them, I hope yous should too. I simply don’t associate with them. If we’re cool/lit [compatible contexts] in the near future, awesome; otherwise, simply let them be with those compatible to them. Serenities are possible for/to all in life. It could be that simple.



It’s necessary to allow others to express their truest self so others, compatible-people, and beyond know when to be there for them. Understanding individuals better could be lead to peace in life as well. Everyone seems to be somewhat connected in life. Expressing yourself could be a form of therapy for yourself (Everyone should differentiate/comprehend personal, impersonal, their/others’ personal/impersonal-contexts, contexts though)

Feelings & emotions possibly stay & leave whenever for everyone; let it flow (I personally do, whenever that’s possible for me [My feelings, emotions, senses, etc., are complicated and beyond]). Don’t hold on any senses that would hurt yourself/others, or not try not to. I believe in yous. Never/don’t quit nor give up on yourself. Keep healing, improving, advancing, learning or progressing (however you need to, peaceful/lawful contexts).

I’m not always 100% perfectly happiest 24/7 my entire lifespan either; I know that I’m not the only one. To me, life are full of lessons or interesting subjects to learn/study. Wherefore I only learn, advance, etc., in life and I always do/be my best for those I care in life. Honestly, I’m always happiest sooner or later again because I’m genuinely a kind/peaceful person via trust intents first on purpose first. I can’t hate myselves because there’s truly no reasons to. If yous ask me, loving myselves means I’m also capable of empathy, compassion, etc., in life to many individuals. I won’t/can’t stop truest-loving myselves [There’re infinite rationales for me/myselves/I to truly love myselves. Seriously].

Reminder: This is simply/personally me. Yous must know yourselves and heal yourselves however you need/should (peaceful/lawful contexts).



At times, I feel hastened by others but I know this is from a loving point of view. Yous further inspire me to care for everyone more, thank yous.

As extremists, we mainly have zero limit with our passions (I put my University above my overall-health/life ([It wasn’t difficult but the schedules should be personalized] I had to move out to focus because my popular/party-extended families can’t comprehend I need my own personal me-time at times [I’m not into partying 24/7]). I forgive them; however, I had enough. My mother is strict with me yet offers her families freedom. It’s complicated; nevertheless, I unconditionally/truly love my mother] if you’re wondering how/why. For me, I believe this is correct for my personal interests, hobbies, passions, etc., in my life but I should’ve cared of my overall-health. I never thought truest-love 100% existed [I knew it wasn’t impossible but there was no evidences in my overall-life at that moment in time] as I would 100% changed my highest priorities). I 100% died; however], I was saved by an unknown entity (100% not from planet Earth, that’s all can disclose to yous). I’m unsure what was going on; my dearest love ones passed away during the time-span I died (Proceeding to my death contexts [It was worse than death itself]). I can’t be the one that was resurrected. People truly don’t comprehend, we never live in the same realities in life [Supernatural phenomenons exist, in my personal life. Believe or not, entirely up to yous].

For personal timelines of individuals, know yourself and your personal limitations/boundaries. Including all forms of your personal strengths.

Now comprehend the followings:

Agewise, People get to choose to age naturally or not by cosmetic treatments, surgeries, lasers, etc., nowadays. All these are safe when you seek skilled/qualified surgeons, doctors, dentists, etc. Beauty isn’t a concerned in modern life. Evidently, many are youthful for life. It’s only a matter of personal choice/preferences.

I don’t know if the world comprehend how critical the older generations are in life, anywhere. They are literally real life guardians. Their life experiences/advices could save younger-generations/yous because they were in the same/similar situations/mindsets. Some simply know better; thus, they never experience such issues in life [They possibly have/know the answers to all your problems/issues in life]. Personally, many people in the older generations that are timelessly inspirational for/to me. Their work is timeless [If I must compare, some of the younger generation & my generation can’t compare to them. Obviously, I’m aware everyone is advancing, learning, etc. Meaning all could be as successful or more. It all depends on the individuals’ personal-priorities [I 100% respect all personal choices/priorities in life]. Fact: There’re timeless individuals in the younger generation and my generation already]). Workwise, passions never die. That’s why it’s crucial to find your passions if you’re passionate [Once you find your passions in life and you’re doing it right for/in life. Your passions do your work as those aren’t work for your passions]. Also everyone has their own methods/concepts of success, lifestyles, careers, entertainments, etc. I personally believe options in life are needed and should be available. Again, age never defines maturity. Forms of maturities links to forms of compatibilities.

Timelines are as unique as the individuals themselves. Pushing yourselves to the maximum could lead to self-destruction, death, heartbreaks, etc. Do your best but always keep in mind your overall-health. Think about it, you’re never the only one in your age/generation and you’re never the only one that’s passionate, gifted, special, etc., in life. You’re inspiring people similar/compatible to you, those with relatable situations in any generations. Or people interested different options in life that everything is possible, achievable, etc. It truly is. (I’m composed. When it happens, it happens. I don’t rush myselves anymore because my passions will take over anyway. I have many passions in life as well. I live life in my own timeframe now)

Reminder you can be anyone in life whenever, careerwise. Success is different/personal-preferences for/to everyone as well. Some people prefer to be globally successful in the spotlights, others prefer more nonchalant global-success(es)’ systems. I don’t see anything wrong with any kinds of strategies/social-stratification contributing as long as they’re helping others via kind intents first on purpose first in life (Or their own ways of being optimistic to those that admire them), and everyone remains overall-safe. These are simply personal preferences, priories, choices, etc. Helping, inspiring, etc., others in life are admirable/needed (People should realise passive impacts are more/as effective/real as any forms of influences in life). I have famous inspirational people I cherish in life. At the same time, my inspiring individuals right now aren’t famous, or they’re retired. They prefer not to be in the spotlights [I invariably respect all personal decisions in life]. I cherish of them. They all continue to inspire my generation, older generations, and younger generations.

Reminder: I also care about the younger generations. I accept/forgive them too. I’m all about new innovation, ideas, etc., in life or everyone being their truest selves as well [Peaceful & lawful contexts]. Many are already wise, intelligent, etc., and they’re inspiring others to improve, progress, and beyond. Letting anyone be themselves/expressive are essential for their overall-health at any age. I’m understanding since it’s never shocking for anyone to behave/think certain ways by any generations. From my personal observation, I know souls, hearts, maturities, age, compatibilities, passions, wisdom, interests, hobbies, personal-contexts, etc., could/should be separated to truly comprehend extremely unique kinds of individuals in life.

Reminders: This is my personal thoughts [I comprehend myselves; however, I’m always changing]. Truly COMPREHEND yourself [Rest when you need/should, but never/don’t give up/in].



Some people are mean first to others [Haters-first] because people in general are cruel to them. They can’t help but do the same to others. (I knew about this but I always thought they choose to be haters-first, choice contexts)

Some people are mean to me first on purpose first at times when I’m kind first via trust first on purpose first [This is inevitable in life as no one is 100% perfectly compatible to the whole population 24/7 on Earth]. I remain capable of being kind first via trust first on purpose first to others for all eternity (It’s a choice for me. I’m unsurprised; only peaceful, perfect-soul, chill, compatible, wise, soul-compatible, etc., are personally compatible to me for my personal life anyway).

This means I/others should show sympathy to haters-first.

Seriously, it’s not as if I have nil senses/consciousness nor hearts. I have to care about my haters-first (My entire haters-first contexts) when they’re hating me for literally no legitimate reason by me, so they can feel better about themselves. Or hate me first for themselves. (In my personal thoughts, this should only be pardonable for truest-love or people that I care about. Needless to say, I care about many.)

Haters-first 100% need help asap. When there’s no serious repeated concerns by yous [Forgiven], the future is all that matters. Yous, yourselves and your life/lives are the evidences. Yous could change/advance for the better in life.

I hope this inspires others to be mindful of their haters-first’s feelings, emotions, etc., whenever that’s personally possible for yous [I 100% comprehend/respect everyone has their own personal limitations/boundaries. You know yourself best]. (Everyone has haters-first.)

P.S. I shall continue editing whenever so never/don’t be sad, hurt, etc., by me if yous are.



Others to others contexts [You’re 100% seriously hurt by others]: Written, spoken, visuals, etc., words or anythings/individuals are possibly in different contexts for those/others’ specific individuals’ minds/intentions/definitions. I hope others are aware of words’ contextwise meanings too if they want to. The contexts of words, phrases, sentences, anythings, people, visuals, etc., could be different to/for everyone’s personal contexts. It’s expected others’ minds comprehend different versions/contexts of the initial meanings to what are presented/perceived.

No one on their own could 100% watch over everyone’s contentments 24/7 to ensure everyone on Earth is perfectly happiest 24/7 in life (So they’re won’t be offended contexts), overall-life contexts. Of course, I shall change when I know I’m hurting others. I’m genuinely a kind. Obviously there’s never hate by me and I shall forgive. I experience this all the times in the past. I’m never the only one that are misunderstood, misinterpreted, etc., whenever. This is inevitable at times for anyone in life. I never forcefully manipulate/change others’ thoughts, thus I always emphasis others to [personally] think, rethink, reconsider, differentiate, etc., for themselves as many times as possible, and be aware/conscious of others’ senses instead of 100% believing my/anyone’s personal thoughts. My intentions are always well via kindness first via on purpose first.

(Clearly, humour contexts are comprehensible. There’re obviously differences by Freedom Of Speech/Expression to types of abuses/harassments via serious/only hate-first reasons. Many mature, chill [carefree], wise, cool [awesome], compatible, or more kinds of individuals comprehend the differences (unless someone is 100% personally offended [Personal is personal; people feel what they feel]). When there’re issues, the solutions are usually understandable [Because those are misunderstandings, misinterpreted, etc., the intentions are peaceful, harmless, etc].)

P.S. For me, It’s kind of me to recheck words’ definitions due my/others personal/impersonal word’s definition contexts. This is why editing is necessary for me as my readers, admires, haters-first, etc., are seriously be hurt. It’s never only about clarifying misunderstandings, misinterpretation, etc for/to them. Accidentally the wrong evidently could be hurtful to them as the meanings wasn’t what I 100% meant, and I never intentionally want/need to hurt anyone. I now edit as forms of kindness for/to them as well. This is simply me though.

Acceptance/casual/carefree/friendly contexts: By me to others’ contexts, I’m personally 100% nonchalant however anyone writes. I couldn’t care less as I simply comprehend all kinds of writing styles and it errors exist at times. No one is a 100% perfect writer. I’m completely over it and absolutely unconcerned how others express themselves via words or writings (Peaceful & lawful contexts). I’m personally nonjudgmental to others. I know many individuals in realities are more than what/how they write anyway. This is obvious to me, overall-life contexts.



Calm down. I’m in the process of editing my articles as I drastically genuinely changed. Don’t be offended dears. I care about yous more than my own feelings. I shall unconditionally truest love you(s) for all eternity if our souls are compatible to me.

REMINDERS: It’s essential to save my writings to help you in life however you prefer/want/need; nevertheless, always update it as I’m always editing/changing/advancing/explaining for Universal-Peace, Truest-love, haters-first [It’s only caring/compassionate/selfless/kind to offer haters-first peace of mind as misconstruing are inevitable whenever in life; haters-first need help]. It’s normal for everyone to learn, improve, progress, etc., in life. Everyone never 100% stays the same person through life and I shall always be forgiving/friendly.



I never do drugs nor smoke/vape in my entire life (Those that do, no judgements whatsoever when all are SAFE/HEALTHY [Not life threatening contexts, I know some are used as medication], or SAFELY done once [The drugs MUST remain SAFE though] in a blue moon with genuinely trusted caring compatible souls towards your overall-life/soul [I comprehend many doing their best to quit. It’s an unhealthy addiction if it’s life threatening. You need a new healthy addiction/obsession in life when you can’t seem to 100% quit]). Never judgments in general by me since addictions are often caused by unwanted situations, influences, etc.

I prefer to emotionally heal naturally as I’m spiritually dynamic also [Grieving is expected for while until anyone can overall-heal].

Do you know what is truest high [drug contexts] is in my personal opinion? It’s consciously sharing time with Mother Nature and genuine, caring, compatible, considerate, etc., soul friends that cherish your soul/life. Creating memories with truest-love of course. Completing projects by hard/smart work. Feeling proud of yourself or others. Being/doing what I’m happiest without harming anyone in my personal life [Peaceful/lawful contexts].

There’re meanings in/of life. Seek, learn, comprehend, etc., that, him, her, those, anything, and beyond. Those could be your new healthy/lively addiction/obsession. The meaning of/in life is personal for each individuals.

There’re unhealthy addictions/obsession and healthy addictions/obsession. Choose wisely for your overall-health/life.

Example: Raspberries could be a healthy addictions/obsession. Consuming vegetables all the time aren’t life-threatening. NEVER 100% rely on harmful addiction/obsession.

It’s saddening to know countless youths/people globally die due to drugs/smoking all the time in life.

Any drugs you consume, you MUST 100% know what are the chemicals in those drugs. At least know what specific chemicals to 100% avoid (Seriously, don’t do drugs or smoke [Lethal chemical contexts]. I 100% comprehend these are addictions, but do your best stop asap] when there’re risks your love ones won’t ever be with you.)

NEVER take anything you don’t 100% know the chemicals in it.

Evidently by many cases, certain chemical or combinations of chemicals could be dangerous. That’s certain when you’re being reckless/careless, and those supplying you drugs aren’t genuinely caring towards your life/soul.

You wanted to get high, not never seeing those that loves you in life. Trust me. Your compatible souls in life want you alive. You’re missing something/someone in your life. You’re never the only one. Stay alive in life.

Simplest staying alive contexts if this help yous (FYI: I 100% forgive you and I have faith in the new you. I only believe in the new you):

12 – 18 years of age: You’re a baby to me. Learn the lessons and move on. Mistakes & errors are inevitable at this stage in your life. Don’t stress.

18 – 30 years of age: Still a baby to me. Keep learning and advancing. Don’t worry any past mistakes/errors.

30 – 40 years of age: Keep peacefully/happily living life and moving forward. Compatible souls need/want yous ALIVE in life.

50 – 60 years of age: Should know enough to sustain peace, happiness, etc., [Anything/anyone that makes you happiest/overall-healthiest in life]. Otherwise, continue to keep seeking/searching.

60 – 80 + years of age: Continue to love and live life (Lawfully/peacefully).

Honestly, at any age, with mistakes & errors? Learn and keep advancing/moving forward with the new you.

If you drink, be aware of your overall-health, and someone trust with you is present.

Also, you might be misdirected in life regarding those you associate with. Anyone can be anything in life, career wise. You already are that person; you are the CEO of your life. There’re countless compatible companies for all as well. Think about it. You should be a happy/peaceful/safe anywhere in life. Anything/anyone seriously becoming life threatening/suicidal could be an obvious signs you’re not 100% aligned with those around you. Perhaps Change.

FYI: In real life, my life is peaceful/lovely and near perfect. I could simply focus on myself and keep perfecting/advancing my own life. I shall continue to advance in life for independent reasons but my personal thoughts peacefully remains here for my compatible souls in need. Only for yous. Ultimately, everything I do in real life shall be for my reconcilable souls.



I’m considering to have my comment section available to the masses but my personal website is personal. I’m never forcing anyone to read/accept my personal concepts, lifestyles, preferences, thoughts, etc., as well [People have the freedom of choices to leave/block anytime they want].

On second thoughts, I’ll leave my comment section available for potential-compatible, peaceful, kind, perfect, etc., souls and to solve reoccurring serious issues.



For souls on Earth that genuinely loves, cares, etc., about me, I NEVER intentionally want to hurt yous first on purpose first.

Be genuinely content in life. Live your life. Seek truest-love, or anything/anyone that makes you happiest in life [Peaceful & Lawful contexts]. I never want/need to be the sole purpose of depression/misery to anyone that genuinely/truthfully adores/loves me [I genuinely care about yous too].

If I did, said, wrote, etc., anything that hurt you, it was 100% unintentional. You’re forgiven for not knowing any better (you offended me first but you’re genuinely sorry now contexts) since we’re [soul] compatible (I’m not sad, moreover, I want you happiest in life, overall-life/health contexts). If we meet in real life, clearing misunderstandings, misinterpretation, etc., are easy for compatible souls. We’re cool [Comprehensibly understanding contexts]. Please don’t be self-destructive. Care for your overall health. Be with those that are good for your overall health [FYI: Overall health includes psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual, etc., health]. I.e., those that genuinely care for your life/soul].

Personally, I’m spiritually resilience, and The Devil/Heaven are my alliances. Karma is one of the laws of Life [Grasp that I never intentionally immoral first on purpose first in life, this is right to me]. I’m immensely strict to myself in my personal life [I’m happiest this way; It’s a personal decision]. I never feel lonely when I’m alone either. I love solitude to be truthful. It’s possible for souls to be compatible to me, yet we’re different how we genuinely express ourselves to the masses [It’s understandable that you’re more accepting/chill [carefree] than me concerning everything/everyone in any contexts. I comprehend]. From time to time, misinterpretation, misunderstandings, etc., are inevitable online unless we know each others in person for long period time to clarify. It’s all good though. There’s no hate from me. I want yous to be prosperous, lively, ecstatic and beyond in life, whether I personally know you in person or not.

When I don’t know you personally [compatible soul contexts], don’t personally take anything I write/do/say directly to you [I would never hurt my compatible souls in any forms]. I would stop for those dearest to me in life [Compatible, peaceful, perfect, etc., souls in life]. Reconsider to change for your peace of mind are my options, so don’t be hurt if you’re presently unintentionally sad by me. Never stress/worry because of me [I only wish the best for my compatible souls in life, and I shall always be there for yous, especially when no one cares about your souls/lives]. I’m compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic, forgiving, fair, caring, etc., regarding justifiable rationalities and for compatible, peaceful, perfect., souls in life.

I hope this inspires compatible others to be there for one another in life all eternity. Written with platonic-love, care, respect, etc.

P.S. People need to know I’m in my own Universe(s) most of the times (that few comprehend). Reach out to me. Contact me. Please email your concerns. You can’t expect me to know I’m hurting you 24/7 in life when I’m unaware.



Reconditioning my personal website to virtuously focusing on guiding souls compatible to me because yous are special, cherishing, loveliest, etc., in my personal thoughts/opinions, and of course preaching my truest personal thoughts forevermore [me/myself/I]. I.e. Others could read my articles; however, apprehend arising conflicts means we’re simply, obviously, personally, etc., incompatible [Meaning you shouldn’t read my personal-thoughts nor visits my personal website for your own peace of mind]. It’s not an issue (Yous should move on, or block me). OR those are misunderstanding, misinterpretation, etc [I shall change when you’re reasonable/peaceful/correct. Comment/Email me]. I’m NEVER [intentionally] forcing anyone/anything to personally read/accept/be anything/anyone of mine nor to/for me via immorality first on purpose first. Reminder: Compatibility, empathy, etc., are effortless & natural for accordant individuals/souls).



Comprehend anyone that’s considered young or confused are usually continuously learning in life. Those with wisdom, life-experiences, etc., should be their role models; be understanding, lenient, forgiving, helpful, etc., whenever yous can. They’re still learning and progressing/advancing in life [Fact: Lessons in life are endless for anyone at any age]. Their errors in life are inevitable, expected, anticipated, etc. No 100% has their life figured out 24/7 their whole life; life could be unexpected. Be patient with them/anyone. The youths’ souls are definitely 100% forgiven when they 100% PROGRESS/CHANGE for the better throughout their entire lifespan [Approximately 80+ years].

I have no regret in life. Age 18 – 39 are young to me. However you’re 10000000 years old? Yet you look 18 – 39 years of age? I would consider you young to be honest. Age 18 – 39, those years, mistakes are inevitable and errors in life are unavoidable life’s lessons. Keep in mind age never define maturity as well. No one has a 100% has a perfect life 24/7 from the start – end and no one is 100% wise, mature, intelligent, etc., the second they’re born in life. Mistakes and errors are part of the learning progress a person must do for himself/herself in life (Recommendation are only inspiration, they make the final decision to change themselves). No one remains 100% the same forever (If someone died early [1-25 years old contexts], comprehend their negative past is NEVER who they are in the future. Most people can’t 100% prevent mistakes at any age 24/7, so youth’s mistakes are inevitable in life. Only Empaths and beyond [me & gifted others] know others’ truest potential if that person is lost in life). Learn the lessons, change by never committing offences again. Move on in life. Yous are 100% forgiven. It’s better to make mistakes in your youth anyway. There’s a highest chance more time is wasted by being with the wrong people at the wrong places your entire life if you don’t. The highest entities in life, Mother Nature, The Universe, me and virtuous others comprehend this/yous. Please be move on and be happiest with peace of mind to pursue your personal priorities/goals in life or do whatever makes you happiest in life. That’s all we wish/want for you.

True, age never define maturity; wherefore, older generations still make mistakes and errors too. I’m capable of forgiving a murderer with painfully unimaginable past who is a stranger to me if he/she is 100% changed/matured [Other cases without dead a body, please know there’s no hate AFTER 100% changes. Only genuine acceptance and care]. To me, unintentionally or influenced murdering is the worse mistake in life for the murderer and the dead. Intentional killing is beyond worse, but I could still forgive if that stranger [serial killer] 100% changed. If he/she is 100% truly sorry, she/he 100% never does it again, and 100% comprehend how she/he hurts those strangers by evil intents first on purpose first are unacceptable? I could forgive them and their souls because they are NEVER who they are in the past. It’s the same as comparing two different people. That’s inapplicable. He or she isn’t the same person anymore. People make mistakes in life but most individuals are capable of changing for the better in time, especially the gifted, wise, intelligent., ones. Moreover, every days of your life are the evidences of your 100% changes. The new you is the evidences of an 100% changed person.

In the end, it’s inevitable/normal to make mistakes/errors in life. 100% change, and 100% learnt the lesson(s). So you can’t/won’t be in the same situations. I’m capable of forgiving strangers and their SOULS in exceptionally complex cases [Many can’t comprehend you/this and haters-first are incapable of comprehending you for life. As an empath or more, I 100% know the past you is NEVER who you truly are. I faithfully comprehend you and the youths’ abilities to be wise & mature anywhere now, or in the near future.

FACTS: Haters-first need professional assistance asap.



I.e.: Whenever I write, ”I never [ever] start issues FIRST in my life” (or something similar), it means I never [ever] start issues first with evil intentions first on purpose first in my entire life. I thought this was obvious; nevertheless, I wanted to be precise for my ambiguous readers. I’m always kind first via trust first on purpose first. It’s best to email me via thepinkhues@outlook.com to clarify in the name of peace & justice if you’re truly confused, or hurt by me. I’ll reply asap, thank yous in advance for your patiences. I’m happy to solve issues for peace, perfect-souls, etc.

FYI: When I haven’t been writing often, know that want to; however, I’m more busy than usual. Take care. Read my writings, and heal. I always reread my writings to update information asap. Thanks for understanding and your patient.



Pink has always been loved by my subconsciousness (My love for exterior beauty & genuine inner beauty/perfect souls are beyond. I’m eminently feminine, prior birth. To me, females have a unique femininity of the soul & female gender combined [I’m one of the evidences). Consciously & personally, pink hues are such cherishing/precious colours/lights of Mother Nature [florals, corals, etc], life [The Universe’s stars-galaxies contexts as well], etc (All the peaceful & lawful contexts). I loved all colours/shades/lights equally when I was younger [Aa a child, I never think about colours via intricacies]. Being informed/wiser as I mature. I realised colours/anything/everything could be personalised/customisable then compatible/special/meaningful for me. Currently & personally, I love pink because it’s the most feminine colours/lights in The Universe(s)/life to me and that’s why username is The Pink Hues. I simply happen to purchase pink-whatever whenever/here/there/everywhere all my life now [For no reason too]. I’m 100% certain that I’m not be the only person on the planet that loves pink. I know many people obsessed with pink or they love/fancy pink as well [FYI: We love colours/shades/lights too by the way). Fact: I always seem/tend to attract prominent attention to everything/anything I love/adore/cherish effortlessly & unintentionally in real life and online (Then I must clarify for peaceful souls’ overall peace [Empaths and beyond are rare. Most minds are incapable of truly 100% comprehending us. We never need to experience the same issues to be empathetic, soul connection is more than enough. We comprehend others but many can’t truly fathom us]. I don’t mind explaining for peaceful/compatible souls). My profile picture is one of my beloved pink out of the pink hues. Any colours/mixed-colour shades/lights with a blush/essence of pink inspired by or by Mother Nature/Life/The Universes’ pinkness is distinguish as part of the pink hues to me, such as, pinkish-peach, beige-pink, coral, rose-gold, pastel-pink, burgundy, etc. I also consider magenta to be part of the pink hues. Thank yous.

REMINDER: Personal standards (Overall-contexts) of mine are for me/myself/I [I NEVER expect/force/abuse/harass/criticise anyone to meet or exceed my personal standard of anything. You be you; Be yourself/true. Whatever makes you happiest. I respect first via kindness first on purpose first, always]. I 100% comprehend personal truly is personal. No one needs to be visually perfect or anything for/to me. When your soul is perfect, you’re automatically perfect to me [You’re 100% superior to those with only exterior beauty in my personal thoughts/VISIONS].

Also eyes of personal/exterior beauty/perfection are only cursed if those eyes are 100% shallow to others 24/7 in life considering friendships, truest-love, families, etc (Note-for-others: It’s never possible to be visually-perfect with perfect-soul, peaceful-soul, etc). Distinguishing/innovating/creating beauty in life is to peacefully create beauty on Earth others are incapable of envisioning for peaceful souls, perfect-souls, future-generation, etc., as well. All kinds of gifted individuals are gifts to the world (Simply keep personal life, and career separate if you must. Many genuinely peaceful gifted individuals never meant to fit in with the masses [Not everyone is sincerely peaceful] in life, and that’s one of anticipated prophesies. Comprehend you are rare in life).

P.S. Heterosexual males wearing pink is a peaceful colour to me.

Bisexual females/males and gay males wearing pink? Simple ask them. People might wear it for no reason [merely exterior visuals] or for reasons [Peaceful colour or whatever they personally believe].

Lesbian and straight females can wear any colours for whatever reasons or no reason at all [Chill contexts].

Also, no one is actually harmed in real life contexts—paints, pigments, etc., are applied for exterior visuals. I shall unconditionally cherish my compatible souls.



People on social media should comprehend this concept. If I disagree with you, that doesn’t mean I hate/despise you (I comprehend personal-preferences/thoughts FIRST and mutual-respect for personal preferences/lifestyles FIRST). When peace is the goal, we’re always improving/healing the best kind of souls.

REMINDER: This is my personal website. I want to empathise the importance of my personal website/anything/everything if yous want to be in my personal real life, or comprehend me personally. My impersonal professional careers, passions, interests, hobbies, etc., are predominately for Universal Peace. It’s natural to love peace [I’m peaceful FIRST via kind intents first on purpose first, always in life] and impersonal anything/everything that are 100% peaceful/lawful/fair for/to all [Impersonal businesses via my peaceful & lawful passions, interests, careers, etc., are simply Impersonal Peaceful/Lawful/Fair businesses]. My personal dimensions exist. This personal website of mine tells my truest personal selves for those needing my personal information for their personal peace of mind. With my truest selves disclosed enough online without harming anyone, I can peacefully be for Universal Peace [My personal website/anything/everything presented on Social Media is the elemental foundation of to my impersonal Peace gifted to the physical world]. Those that are simply interested in me for impersonal businesses contexts then my personal website/anything/everything is obviously irrelevant/unconcerned to/for them/yous [We aren’t in each others personal lives/anything. Of course, yous could read if it helps yous though]. I believe personal information and impersonal businesses [Including impersonal partnerships of course] shouldn’t intermixed [I usually personally object to everything] EXCEPT if you’re using it to help/unite others to overcome their personal-issues/concerns [Assisting anyone by any methods are virtuous to me]. For others’ identities that are conditioned by their careers and who you truly are? If you genuinely personally disagreeing to everything, but you’re careers are impersonal? Maybe Keep those disclosed separate. Consider being anonymous when that’s an option. Extreme fame is more responsibilities unless you’re a genuinely personally chill & unbothered individual. This means being yourself to the masses-population shouldn’t harm/hurt anyone. Everything depends on who you are, and your identity, personalities, goals, personal-priorities, etc). Ultimately, overall’s contentment & peace to/in life are 100% impacted/unbalanced if yous left those unmanaged/inhealed. I shall continue to edit/update changes and express myselves for life since changes are inevitable (I’m also healthily obsessed/addicted with everything/anything technology to be truthful, overall contexts).


A change in career decisions/directions:

My original plan was working few years with one of strictest companies related to my qualifications (I did studied for years so I might as well see where that path goes for while before my final resolution, to be 100% certain [Those I cherish in life are neutral/happy/peaceful/happiest/overall-healthy again in my personal examination. Thought I could personalised my timeline]). Personally, I’m patient with truest-love; I have faith we’ll inevitably meet. I have many options regarding careers available leading to Universal-Peace [Livings & entities I care about in life]. Careers’ opportunities/successes are never a concerned for me whenever; I have many gifts & passions in/for life [It’s only a decision of which life’s purposes via my personal passions/gifts I prefer].

I shall apply part-time to career 100% aligned to my gifted passions in life next week or earlier [This career’s schedules could be personalised; the timetable shouldn’t be a problem]: I possibly need to reschedule my entire life again now. I apply to the companies that have my cherishing individuals; don’t/never say that I never try to be there for yous [Yous know I’m literally changing my life’s priorities for yous] when we meet in the future). I’ll utilise this email so yous know it’s me. I trust/believe in the team too. I could 100% help the entire team to one of the most innovative, gifted, harmonious, successful, etc., directions in life as soon as possible. Yous & I 100% know this is a fact; I could 100% prove this [Our destinies are inevitable in time anyway, one way or another. It’s already predetermined if yous notice].


How I personally manage public issues with global fame: I’ll hire someone that specialises in formally establishing overall-peace regarding public issues [No one gets hurt in any manners/reputations contexts]. I’m aware/conscious it’s maybe required to be personal when formally solving public issues BUT this is 100% conditioned by the situation though (Reconfirm with an expert in this area). Personally, I prefer to be 100% formal with/in public related issues.

Anything that’s out of the public knowledge, I would personally solve the issues with my hearts as well.

When a person consistently annoy me, I’ll let that person be [People only change themselves. It is what it is. I 100% know maturity levels are contrasting for many in any generations. Fact: Age never defines maturity nor wisdom]. I’m mature/wise enough to trust-love, be for Universal Peace, continue minding my own personal life/goals, and beyond. There’re passions that are needing, cherishing, appreciating, etc., your time; share your time with those passions in life [What I would personally focus/refocus on].

I would stop visiting their social media accounts, pages, or whatever of theirs (that could cause unwanted issues) because such actions are the same as participating in conflicts I have nil interests in [I merely let them be themselves]. People eventually move on in life (Know the differences to venting though. Venting is a form of therapy since venting is for those never starting the issue first via immoral intents first on purpose first. The goal of venting is to let it all go and 100% move on, no continuous issues concerning those involved contexts). If not, I’ll let them be that way for life. In an optimistic/kind perspectives, they’re all about yous [You’re in their minds 24/7 in life].

Haters-first sometimes become friends for hating the same people. Yous’re literally compatible families when yous’re caring, considerate, etc., regarding the same person/people. REMINDER: Compatible families are there for one another whenever they could or yous’re amicable in/for each others’ lives in life.

I told my younger sis this, “She never needs to worry about money in life if wealth is ever a concerned for her (From my own researches, observations, etc., truest-love, overall-peace, life’s purposes, etc., by passions lead to 100% happiness. Wealth naturally exists anyway, career contexts).” She could easily ask me whenever. All I want for her is to be able to make the right decisions [To think, rethink, consider, focus, refocus, and beyond in life]. I’m here for her anyway but we’re not 100% together 24/7 in our entire lifespan. I’m 100% patient, encouraging, forgiving, etc., towards her though, she could study all her life if that’s how she personal learns, advances, progresses, succeeds, and-so-on, then she could help others & herself in life in her own methods. All I want for her is to be happiest/peaceful in her own life and overall-life/peace contexts as well. (I couldn’t care less about the past; I 100% unconditionally entirely love my mother. To me, she doesn’t know how to truest-love herself so I can’t expect any kinds of love from her to be personalised enough for me. I shall always forgive.)

Everyone is different thus they possibly caring for one-another/others in unexpected, uniques, disparate, etc., ways. Don’t misunderstand, misinterpret, etc., one another good/meaningful intentions, hearts, souls, etc.

(This is simply me, yous 100% know yourselves best.)


Hey, don’t/never think I forgot about yous (My brain is all-embracing information to/for The Universes and beyond, so simply remind me. Yous know I’m 100% grateful) I’m invariably here for yous (Overall-life contexts). Yous’re there (Yous/I know I could 100% help yous. Literally, right now. Let me [It could be that simple; I’m one email away]). I’ll be there sooner or later to help anyway: it’s inevitable. Whilst I’m also contributing to life, I’m 100% appreciative, inspired, and more to all that care for me in any ways, forms, elements, etc., at any time in my life. I’m watching over yous at this moment in time; always being supportive, encouraging, optimistic, etc., towards yous. Everything I do in life is ultimately for truest-love, Universal-Peace, etc. I don’t have a choice but to change myselves [realities contexts] for such responsibilities, devotions, etc. Don’t/never think I’m not here for yous when I’m offline. I must take on more managements in realities (I shall always return here to assure yous whenever I could, thank yous for comprehending). My realities are changing; ours destinies could/will meet. Yous could/shall be in my personal life when/since we’re soul-compatible, compatible, etc., or work together in the near future [The future is exciting, meaningful, and beyond].


I know my capabilities and many kinds of souls care about me in their own ways [I never want/need my sorrows to effect others’ overall-health]. Wherefore I always do my best to keep my emotions, feelings, senses, etc., in controlled whenever. Because of who I am [I’m conscious/aware of my many capabilities, potentialities, etc., in life], I shouldn’t 100% express my inconsolable senses [I’m emotionally traumatised to the maximum this year but I’ll manage as always]. I won’t/never intentionally hurt anyone via immorality intents first on purpose first.

I’m always eventually happiest (That’s true) but this never means I don’t continuously care about others. To me, I personally shouldn’t express/inform others [On my personal website contexts] my melancholiness when it unexpectedly exits; unless, I should (It depends on the situations/conditions).

Furthermore, I comprehend my happiness/peacefulness make many happiest as well. I shall 100% truly be happiest/peaceful in life. Happiness/peace could improve everyone’s overall-health in needed times [We all should be happiest/overall-healthiest]. I’m genuinely considerate via my own personal conceptualisation; yous 100% know this.

For others’ contexts: I completely comprehend how/why others’ needing to truly expressed themselves whenever. Do what you personally need to in order to heal yourselves (Peaceful & lawful contexts). I’m not you; you know yourself best.

REMINDER: I’m seriously always loving, lively, considerate, and beyond. Never/don’t worry about me in life when I’m offline consistently, or for a long duration of time [Life/people loves me or they don’t mind me]. I’m simply awesome by merely being my truest selves and life only gets better for us. We’re in it together forever. Let’s always keep learning, improving, advancing, progressing, etc., and be the best we ought to be; I definitely want all goals/dreams into realities (Even for my haters-first, they could be with those compatible to them [I shall be in my own Universes anyway]). Dreams & goals are truly for everyone.