Personally, a person’s personal/private properties/everything/anything and professionalism in professional environments shouldn’t intermix (Exceptions: Yous using those to inspire people to be better and more aware to help themselves and others). Some people are different at work to their real selves in their personal/private lives. I’m 100% different at work because that’s a personal a fact […]


I never force change to anyone. Motivation is personal beliefs. Personal beliefs could only be changed by the person himself/herself. Personal inspirations are possibly guidances (Except if he/her mindlessly 100% wants to copy the inspirational person’s thoughts, I suggest not to. Rising issues are the evidences they never understood such wisdom). Ultimately, him/her make the […]


Specific minor issues get unnecessarily misinterpreted/exaggerated if ignored, so I must express myselves. Personally, I love to be glamorous for myself [I called it glamorisation-proclivity] or glamorising for events. For no reason sometimes; no needed reason. My personal life; my personal decisions. Life itself is a celebration anyway. So I love high heels. The higher […]


Shouldn’t mistaken my platonic-endearments/support first on via kindness on purpose first. I could be extremely supportive, encouraging, enthusiastic, lovely, etc., to anyone peaceful, chill, compatible, soul-compatible, etc., regarding everything. I believe in being kind first via trust first on purpose first. I’m literally ethnicity, nationality, sexual-orientation, gender, age, etc., blind. Personally, anyone implying/saying I want […]


I believe a person’s personal interpretations/definitions of whatever after 100% reading/comprehending the actual meanings/facts/definitions tell/show you about that individual’s mindsets and more. On a personal conscious life level. To me, leading is never about putting anyone down via arrogance first on purpose first, directly/indirectly FIRST. Leading shouldn’t be egoistical. It’s never about making everyone happy […]


Platonic love & sincerest care: In life (Overall-contexts) there’re more people that are incapable of true empathy and that’s all good as long as they’re peaceful. Or chill [I be myself; they be them. Nonjudgemental. Zero jealousy nor spitefulness. None of your/my businesses contexts]. Example: Think of your Highest Celestial Entities [whomever you worship], they’re […]


Reoccurring issues by types of Southeast Asian transwomen (He’s born in America, I think): He believes all attractive females since birth want to look like him. Firstly, there are attractive males, females, transmen, transwomen, etc., in all sexual orientation of any ethnicities/nationalities. Also, any types of aesthetics are easy & simple to acquire (Finance + […]


One of my inconveniences is being categorised with specific types of people by my ethnicities or my senses of personal overall-beauty/styles online. Shouldn’t judge, compare or categorise anyone via exterior visuals, overall-life contexts [In a talent show, it’s different. Participates signed up to be judged]. Virtues/souls compatibilities dominate in soul friendships. Example: Students in the […]