Since I’m The Kind Devil, I’m also grateful & thankful to all Gods, Goddesses, Archangels, angels, etc., since they’re empathic, accepting and beyond. I believe in Truest-Love and Universal Peace (I shall never ever harm any Devils nor The Devil [I already explained why in my previous articles]. I will only warn others so they […]


How to find perfectly compatible Souls & Hearts?  Obviously, truest-love/true-love/love never have anything to do with wealth. It’s to truly love their soul/heart/conscious as you’re compatible via intuitions/nature as well [They’re perfectly compatible or compatible to yous].  Words’ definitions literally do all the work to find your perfect souls/hearts/consciousnesses/compatible-intuitions/natures. Firstly, you must genuinely & truly […]


My personal/impersonal contexts/definitions of the word “contexts” for others that need specific interpretations of mine (It’s similar to the original meanings): >Situations, settings, events, notions, and beyond that are being further explained/elaborate/express to be understood for anyone truly wanting to comprehend me (They can’t/incapable of 100% comprehending me or it’s difficult for them understand me […]


Evil exists because of sadistic types of minds, souls, hearts, people, unknown-entities, etc., [Haters-first] not minding their own personal lives via uncaring/evil/immoral intents first on purpose first; thus, provoking others’ minds/souls/hearts/individuals that are possibly already suffering.  What to do when you can’t heal Evil?The cure to evil in life is simply leaving when others are […]


Warning: If anyone thinks I’ll stay for merely wealth, you are 100% mistaken. Let me tell you about my entire-families that I have no happiness/peace/compatibilities with, yet I 100% could reunite with my families whenever if I want/need in life (They accept/welcome my return anytime contexts and they admire, care, etc., because I’m genuinely kind […]


It’s obvious I never want anything from anyone (Don’t you know my family and ex-tended family are trying to unite me with their Wealth. It’s never ever happening); I truly/genuinely cared about yous/others [I already proved/showed/explained my kindness]. Never/don’t cause more sorrows to anyone missing anyone they genuinely care about). This is also a CAUTION–AWARENESS […]


When yous’re perfect-hearts, perfect-souls, etc., to me, yous genuinely know this, and yous want/need to stay alive? Or yous want/need/prefer peaceful, safest, untroubled/carefree, etc., lifestyles/life? Yous PERSONALLY need to 100% stay away from me ON SOCIAL MEDIA [Never/Don’t make it obvious/personal yous’re in truest-love with me contexts] if yous’re not in my personal life, or […]


My natural hair colours are chocolate-brown/golden-brown (It recolours by the brightness of the sunlights/lights) yet my hair strands have natural reddish-golden-metallic-high-lights when the sunlight shines on my hair. Indoors, my natural hair colour is black. My eyes’ colour/iris is chocolate-brown (It could be black by dark indoors from afar); however, my eyes’ colours/iris are caramel-colour/light-brown […]


It’s happening again; life seems to be planned (Years contextwise) for all the impactful, influential, and beyond individuals of any kinds/types of popularities in/of life. REMINDERS: Please comprehend views, followers, likes, verifications, etc., never define all kinds/types of popularities, influences, effects, impacts, and beyond in/of life. It’s possible for one person with no view, follower, […]


Why evil exists in individuals? The answer is sadistic mindsets being considerate first via immoral intents first on purpose first to anyone that’s possibly/already suffering. Because I’m aware/conscious of contrasting/divergent minds, souls, hearts, and beyond, I know they need/ought to be healed, so they won’t need to evil. Evil truly could be healed. Life isn’t […]