I believe it’s right to sustain options (The kinds of hearts/souls/minds contexts) in my personal life as well [Unique/unexpected/rare individuals exist in life]. Increasing my personal incompatibilities for others [I’m not always 100% perfectly correct 24/7 in my entire lifespan regarding all matters in/of life] could result to their heart-breaks, depression (Some people change in […]


I want to remind Humanity some evils in life aren’t evil. Unconscious merciless by any unidentified entities/creatures should be understood too. Various supernatural creatures/entities are designed, born, summoned, etc., in the newly existent unconscious phase(s) so they can’t be disciplined at the present time. Knowing this is actually peace. Have/be empathy (Personally, I have sympathy […]


The worse pain for many individuals are experiencing people they truest-love past away. Think about it. Suppose this is also true for many, certain forms/levels of pains in/of life are perhaps optionally standards for few individuals (Personally, adaptation is ordinary for me). Example: Numerous individuals actually get to choose their deja vus in life. Selecting […]


You’re experiencing reduce of love for anyone you genuinely care, adore, etc., towards via kind intents first on purpose first because of whatever they do, say, etc? An optimistic/kind point of view is [more] freedom. When you truly care about anyone, there’re possibly restrictions you place upon yourself for their happiness, peace, etc. Those could […]


For future references as well. I’m invariably happiest [I may not display this 24/7 in life but it’s 100% certain]. Never/don’t worry about me when yous are. I’m always eventually happiest as well if I experience any issues in life. That’s a personal fact for me. Understand my highest priorities in life are achievable for […]


Others to others contexts [You’re 100% seriously hurt by others]: Written, spoken, visuals, etc., words or anythings/individuals are possibly in different contexts for those/others’ specific individuals’ minds/intentions/definitions. I hope others are aware of words’ contextwise meanings too if they want to. The contexts of words, phrases, sentences, anythings, people, visuals, etc., could be different to/for […]


This information is for anyone in truest-love with someone of any sexual orientation & genders. The situations are complex, but that person needs/wants truest-love. You know this soul is perfectly compatible to you; you simply be there [Care, encouragement, etc., contexts]. If your truest-love happens to be this kind of soul, it is what it […]


Overall acceptance contexts: My empathy, sentiment, etc., levels are increasing [I’m amazed at myself once again]. Accepting people as who they are could help them in unexpected ways [This is virtuous and it’s ideal for a peaceful global point of view]. I never need to 100% tolerate everything from/by them/anyone. The meaningful characteristic traits are […]


When you’re feeling emotionally hurt for extensive intervals of times by others’ demises, and you can’t seem to move on [You’re missing that person contexts]? I read a quote few weeks ago. This is my personal version of the quote: “Someone that’s perfectly soul compatible to you in The Galactic Universe(s) could truest-love you more.” […]


Since I’m capable of truest-love to female-soul & male-soul equally [Perfectly compatible soul contexts], I notice life is more peaceful being a full fledged lesbian for me. I never want to harm/ostracise any kinds of my perfectly compatible males’ souls/hearts; I shall remain bisexual. P.S. Countless lesbians genuinely care for many-all as well. I’m referring […]