How to be more kind to haters-first whenever yous can (I 100% comprehend/respect every has their own limits & boundaries though)? Firstly, comprehend haters-first need help. They might be hurting, severely-depressed, etc. Now haters-first could assume the worse about yous because they’re preparing for the worse. They don’t want to be deceived, insulted or whatever […]


At times, I feel hastened by others but I know this is from a loving point of view. Yous further inspire me to care for everyone more, thank yous. As extremists, we mainly have zero limit with our passions (I put my University above my overall-health/life ([It wasn’t difficult but the schedules should be personalized] […]


This seem to be inevitable for me. Evidently, everyone is obsessed or in love with me (Passively or obviously. All kinds of effects are impactful/distinguishable). Your reactions are the results, thank yous. I’m shall accordingly be considerate/mindful to my admirers, haters-first, etc., and those I personally cherish forevermore. I already solved all your issues by […]


Personally, exterior visuals of mine are simply exterior visuals for/to me, personal styles contexts. I personally prefer to wear whatever for no reason whenever in the present time (Unless, I explained my personal reasons [I prefer to be unconcerned/nonchalant with my personal exterior-visuals/styles since I adore all fashion, trends, etc). This is rarely the reasons […]


I effortlessly get along with numerous individuals most of the times. It’s mainly because I’m genuinely a kind person with peaceful intention (My personal selves, interests, passions, hobbies, etc., are more of me). Simple. In other words, I’m compatible with all generation, overall contexts. I’m beyond mature/wise, forgiving, emphathic, innovative, accepting, chill, etc. I’m overall […]


Some people are mean first to others [Haters-first] because people in general are cruel to them. They can’t help but do the same to others. (I knew about this but I always thought they choose to be haters-first, choice contexts) Some people are mean to me first on purpose first at times when I’m kind […]


I’m naturally one of the rarest-hysterical individuals I know in life (I make myselves laugh all the time [I control this in public though], whenever [They’re in truest-love with me, and we’re souls compatible]) yet I’m also 100% serious/sensitive [I have personal extreme feelings, emotions, etc., to say the very least]. It’s complex; nonetheless, I […]


It’s obvious how/why I can’t 100% be traumatised, depressed, etc., for lengthy times in life, and many of my dearest individuals aren’t alive. I invariably have personalised solutions for everything/everyone, so I truly love life because it evidently loves me in its own ways (I notice, I can’t/won’t be ungrateful). I’m present; happiness, peace, success, […]


Your body is functioning; however, your mind/heart/body feel unconnected to your consciousness/soul due to traumas, severe-depression, etc? It’s best to see a compatible psychologist (for safe medication to be overall-motioning or yourself again [Ideally the entire or high percentage of that medication is natural to consume for a limited time [Don’t only 100% utilise to […]


I believe it’s right to sustain options (The kinds of hearts/souls/minds contexts) in my personal life as well [Unique/unexpected/rare individuals exist in life]. Increasing my personal incompatibilities for others [I’m not always 100% perfectly correct 24/7 in my entire lifespan regarding all matters in/of life] could result to their heart-breaks, depression (Some people change in […]