Many assume whatever by whatever concerning my personal businesses [my childhood details contexts] first and think they 100% know my personal details [I’m never starting issues anywhere first via immoral intents first on purpose first]. Yous never directly asked me FIRST via peaceful intents first on purpose first and I never personally & specifically said/clarified/replied […]


Perspectives, point of views, or reports: His report, her report, or their report. Your report. Only Deities/Celestials know whom is right; the truth(s).  Humans seeking the truth? Have everyone involved in the issues together. Only speak of the truths and the truths shall prevail. Lies are exposed via legitimate/indisputable rationales by the truths. To me, anyone starting the […]


Pink has always been loved by my subconsciousness (My love for exterior beauty & genuine inner beauty/perfect souls are beyond. I’m eminently feminine, prior birth. To me, females have a unique femininity of the soul & female gender combined [I’m one of the evidences). Consciously & personally, pink hues are such cherishing/precious colours/lights of Mother […]


Specific repetitions regarding my virtues are inevitable for me. There are few I believe in life as an Empath (or more). Those are my life’s rituals & embraces. I NEVER EVER force my life’s rituals, embraces, virtues, etc., to anyone via forceful intents first on purpose first. Everyone knows we’re all unique with divergent wants, […]


People on social media should comprehend this concept. If I disagree with you, that doesn’t mean I hate/despise you (I comprehend personal-preferences/thoughts FIRST and mutual-respect for personal preferences/lifestyles FIRST). When peace is the goal, we’re always improving/healing the best kind of souls. REMINDER: This is my personal website. I want to empathise the importance of […]