Lifespan overview:

20 years of age and over: Graduate [To work for/with others or be your own boss], be independent. You don’t want your loves one to be worried that you’re financially dependent on someone. You should want to be independent for yourself or others (if you ask me).

You truly need to know who you are and everything about yourself to ensure you’re with perfectly compatible individuals in life. You don’t want to waste all your life with those that aren’t kind, considerate, etc., towards you as well as incompatible to you (Constant disputes shall be endless, no one wants that in life). You want to be with a person that truly love you and genuinely comprehend you ❤️. You want to be improving, advancing, adapting, grateful, etc., for those that care about you or truly love you ❤️. Preferably while you’re working, creating, innovating, etc., if you’re healthiest. 

When you constantly find your perfectly compatible hearts, souls, consciousnesses, etc., you should be able to find those individuals by 30 years of age [maximum] or less (It depends, I guess. Simply don’t give up or else you’ll be sharing your entire life with someone that’s possible incompatible to you and perhaps never have peace of mind nor happiness).

30 years of age and over: Once you found your perfect hearts, souls, consciousnesses, etc., live your life, continue to create & innovate with peace of mind, happiness, etc.

If you’re worried about beauty by age, never/don’t. In modern times, youthfulness & exterior-perfections can be bought via cosmetic treatments, surgeries, etc. That’s why no one should worried/stressed about any exterior visuals/perfections in life. All kinds of perfect exterior visuals are possible in the safest/healthiest methods, it’s merely personal preferences now. Yous shall be visually perfect in your lifespan if/whenever yous want.

To me, all kinds of healthiest body-shapes/heights are perfections; therefore, I don’t mind any kinds.

40 years of age and over: Continue to truly love and help life, everyone, generations, etc., whenever possible, especially those that truly love you.

50 years of age and over: 🔁
60 years of age and over: 🔁
70 years of age and over: 🔁
80 years of age and over: 🔁

(80 years old are only the average time people past away)


Truest-love, true-love, love, etc., [Genuine/real love] truly are the answers in/to life. 

Life could be unexpected, letting it be simple is more manageable and wise when life gets serious, perplexed, extreme, and beyond.

Having nonchalant & considerate fun whenever, and making others happy are needs in life as happiness is healthy for people. 

Failures are only preparations to make your dreams/goals into realities. You never actually lose when you learn in life. Furthermore, it shouldn’t be about winning; irregardless, of others. We’re all simply improving, adapting, learning, etc., in life.

Always have faith in yourselves/others and for others that truly believe in you.

When you’re genuinely helpful and caring, selfless, etc., towards all via kind intents first on purpose first, you can’t go wrong in life. (If this isn’t natural for you, practice)  

Forgive everyone whenever possible in life, only think, remember, care, etc., about those that genuinely love you in life.

(Of course, I comprehend personal/impersonal limitations/boundaries in life. I would simply stay away from them (It doesn’t need to be stressful). Others could be for them [No one is being cruel by leaving incompatibilities. Serious disputes, hate, etc., rise by availability of repeated incompatibilities anyway]. Everyones’ time is protected)

Once again, this is my personal rituals for/in life, I’m mindful, considerate, accepting, nonjudgmental, etc., of others personal lifestyles, life, preferences, etc., and attitudes to life. All entirely up to you, it’s your life. This is simply to help those perfect-compatible/compatible individuals to me or anyone needing/wanting my help.

Published by 🔱Dimensions Magenta Pinkness

Everything I do in real life is also for yous 💝. I’m The Kind Devil 🔱❤️♾. Contact me if/when yous need/want via💡. I’m here for yous as well💖. Always think of the consequences for life and be incorruptibly empirical in life 💗. Always care for your entire-health [life]💞. Be with those that truly care/love for yous most. I love my personal truest personal thoughts 💕 (FYI: I DON’T SEARCH WORD’S DEFINITIONS AT TIMES SINCE I HAVE MY OWN KIND/VIRTUOUS PERSONAL/IMPERSONAL OBVIOUS DEFINITIONS/CONTEXTS/INTUITIONS of words so EXPECT EDITING whenever misbelief of words’ definitions are noticed [Please be patient with me, I have MANY ARTICLES TO SORT/EDIT ALL OVER AGAIN when this happens!]. Never/don’t ever be sad by me [I genuinely care for/about yous 💞;yous know it’s true💝]) as we’re all unique, special, perfect, etc., in our own ways💓. To my perfectly compatible geniuses, hearts, souls, truest-love(s), and beyond, thank yous for comprehending me/myselves/I without the need for my editing ❤️. Personal details: 💞 I live in Australia 🌹 💗 SEAsian Australian (Born/raised in Aus) 🎀 💝 Life motto: Always genuinely kind & fair via virtuous intents first on purpose first💡🔂

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