I’m truly sorry by unintentionally causing you unhappiness. Never/Don’t misunderstand of my kindness first via virtuous intents first on purpose first (I never ever need/want to cause anxieties to anyone first via any intents first on purpose first. [I’m naturally kind]).

I can’t stop my Heroic selves; it’s part of my nature. I must help everyone (They must be tolerable though or else I can’t be aware of them) prevent disputes before those get more serious than it actually are (Individuals could be unwise). When I’m helping anyone, I’m actually reducing the severities of all disputes for everyone, it only takes one wise individual to resolve in any types of disputes with no one (Needlessly to say, obviously you too of course) getting hurt. That is my intent.

I never ever force you to accept my apology (Forgiving is up to you). Just know I’m truly sorry. I shall stop warning, cautioning, etc., from now onwards if that’s preferred (True, there’re also other unharmed/kind ways for people to learn, improve, etc).

Published by 🔱Dimensions Magenta Pinkness

Everything I do in real life is also for yous 💝. I’m The Kind Devil 🔱❤️♾. Contact me if/when yous need/want via💡. I’m here for yous as well💖. Always think of the consequences for life and be incorruptibly empirical in life 💗. Always care for your entire-health [life]💞. Be with those that truly care/love for yous most. I love my personal truest personal thoughts 💕 (FYI: I DON’T SEARCH WORD’S DEFINITIONS AT TIMES SINCE I HAVE MY OWN KIND/VIRTUOUS PERSONAL/IMPERSONAL OBVIOUS DEFINITIONS/CONTEXTS/INTUITIONS of words so EXPECT EDITING whenever misbelief of words’ definitions are noticed [Please be patient with me, I have MANY ARTICLES TO SORT/EDIT ALL OVER AGAIN when this happens!]. Never/don’t ever be sad by me [I genuinely care for/about yous 💞;yous know it’s true💝]) as we’re all unique, special, perfect, etc., in our own ways💓. To my perfectly compatible geniuses, hearts, souls, truest-love(s), and beyond, thank yous for comprehending me/myselves/I without the need for my editing ❤️. Personal details: 💞 I live in Australia 🌹 💗 SEAsian Australian (Born/raised in Aus) 🎀 💝 Life motto: Always genuinely kind & fair via virtuous intents first on purpose first💡🔂

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