My natural hair colours are chocolate-brown/golden-brown (It recolours by the brightness of the sunlights/lights) yet my hair strands have natural reddish-golden-metallic-high-lights when the sunlight shines on my hair. Indoors, my natural hair colour is black. My eyes’ colour/iris is chocolate-brown (It could be black by dark indoors from afar); however, my eyes’ colours/iris are caramel-colour/light-brown in the sun [My eyes’ colours/iris also recolours by the brightness of the sunlights/lights]. In the sunlights people believe my hair is dyed/coloured and they think I’m wearing coloured contact lens (No, my eyes’ colours/iris & hair colours are 100% natural).

If I decide to bleach my hair, I personally prefer ombre style to keep the roots of the hair natural, so the scalp is safe. When/if I get my nails done, I would allow my natural nails to nourish for a month after two months (or less) of getting my nails done (I possibly repeat this when there’s 100% nil unhealthy symptoms. Everyone’s entire-health is unique; thus, revise [be attentive/empirical] until everything healthily works out).

I 100% adore all styles of anything, everything, etc., as those are individuals’ personal/impersonal preferences. From a health overview, anything that isn’t certified-organic/organic, chemical-free, etc., should be sparingly utilised (Or not all) for your entire-health (Psychological, emotional, physical, emotional, etc., healthiest contexts). Same goes for anything you put on your skin, face, body, scalp, hair, etc.

I hope this information helps individuals that are unaware.

P.S. I know there’re safest, cruelty-free, certified-organic/organic, chemical-free, etc., beauty products available that could be utilised anytime/continuously as it’s only healthy/harmless to the body, face, hair, skin, etc. (Usually, the less ingredients the safer)

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