I mentioned the meaningfulness of personalised schedule/time and how individuals’ entire-health, life, well-being, personal-priorities, etc., were healthily effected .

I shall emphasis/elaborate this once more.

Notice anywhere & everywhere for anyone, people’s whole-health/life concerns are valid rationales to rest/stop so they could properly care for their whole-health until they’re 100% healthy again (Emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, physically, etc., healthy).

No one at work nor anywhere should feel their entire-health, whole-life, personal-priorities, etc., [Emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, physically, etc., contexts] are being jeopardised then force to meet a specific schedule/timetable.

Freedom of Personalised Time are vital for everyone to 100% peacefully co-exists. Everyone effects one another in surprisingly optimistic ways than many could imagine. Every now and again being patient has the most memorable and beyond results for life compare to rushing [forcing] everything/everyone in life. Obviously, no one is the same; time is personal for/to individuals.

Let people be. Let people live life at their own personal velocities in time/life. Individuals are unique; it’s never surprising for anyone to have personalised time, schedules, programme, timetable, etc., in/for life. People should have the freedom to meet when they meet; people do whatever whenever together [peaceful & lawful contexts]. I’m 100% understanding, encouraging, supportive, etc. The perfect time is the perfect time depending to them; personal is personal. I hope more individuals are capable of comprehending Freedom of Personalised Time/Schedules in/for the entire-life contexts.

Example: You wants to meet someone right now. You made it clear. That person is ready after years due to personal reasons [Nothing evil via cruel intents first on purpose first of course]. It is what it is. It’s how/what that person is contributing in the present (I’m also referring to the future) that you should be conscious/aware.

If/when you’re working, let your company know your personal situation. They should be 100% understanding as your entire-health is effected. These are basic regulations for employers’ entire-health/concerns (If a company is unreasonable regarding employers’ entire-health [Psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc., health], I’m 100% sure there’re other companies for everyone. Reminders: Life are full of opportunities for everyone. Never/don’t feel there’s only one way of achieving your goals in life).

When you’re concerned regarding others, you believe they aren’t productive with their time, life, personal-priorities, etc? Contact them via work, mobile, email, text, and more. Make your contact details clear & visible. It’s that simple to help them. You care about them for obvious [personal] rationales; I’m 100% sure no one cares about vaunting [No one cares who contacted who first. Compatibilities should be more than those silliness]. I 100% couldn’t care less if/when/as all are for kind intents first on purpose first. I’m 100% patient with everyone whenever possible [I’m aware/conscious that time is personal, especially regarding personal notions in/for the entire-life contexts].

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