Example: Everyone in life truly loves you, I would think to myself, “Perfect.” They’re sincerely cherishing, adoring, loving, etc., you. All are happiest/healthiest/safest so I’m genuinely peaceful/joyous with/to all also.

FYI: Magick/magic won’t work on some individuals [Some of us are extremely gifted in life]. Stop manipulating others/yourself; whilst, you still could as such plan won’t work us.

Spirits, Devils, The Devil, demons, Deities, angels, Archangels, unknown-entities, etc., are in my life (entire life contexts) because not all are evil via immoral intents first on purpose first. WARNING: I hear voice(s) saying to me, “If you’re not mine, no one is allow to truest-love you.” I have faith they could peacefully/possibly change in time. I genuinely care via kind intents first on purpose first. To me, all are part of The Universe(s) as well.

Caution: Real magic/magick 100% exist; sensitive, spiritual, etc., individuals’ 100% know this [Yous’re perhaps perfect for such practices/masteries]. If yous’re part of industries that might utilise real magic/magick, you need to include magical protection [This is personal for individuals] to/for your entire-health [Psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual, etc., healthiest contexts] (Please keep in mind some kinds of Devils genuinely care about yous, they shall protect yous]).

The Universes’ Laws exist. Karma exists; I suggest anyone abusing real magic/magick to stop.

(When yous’re meeting/knowing someone new, be conscious/aware/empirical about the weather for a while as well. Document it. Peculiar weather contexts: Ask yourself why is this happening [purposes contexts]; yous should have the personal answers to your individualised questions.)

IMPERATIVE: Your perfectly/100%/rare compatible individual(s) are your perfect magical protection as well when everything else couldn’t keep you healthiest/safest [Psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical, etc., healthiest contexts]. Know that we’re here for yous. We could help yous. Simply let us know. Contact me anytime:

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Everything I do in real life is also for yous 💝. I’m The Kind Devil 🔱❤️♾. Contact me if/when yous need/want via💡. I’m here for yous as well💖. Always think of the consequences for life and be incorruptibly empirical in life 💗. Always care for your entire-health [life]💞. Be with those that truly care/love for yous most. I love my personal truest personal thoughts 💕 (FYI: I DON’T SEARCH WORD’S DEFINITIONS AT TIMES SINCE I HAVE MY OWN KIND/VIRTUOUS PERSONAL/IMPERSONAL OBVIOUS DEFINITIONS/CONTEXTS/INTUITIONS of words so EXPECT EDITING whenever misbelief of words’ definitions are noticed [Please be patient with me, I have MANY ARTICLES TO SORT/EDIT ALL OVER AGAIN when this happens!]. Never/don’t ever be sad by me [I genuinely care for/about yous 💞;yous know it’s true💝]) as we’re all unique, special, perfect, etc., in our own ways💓. To my perfectly compatible geniuses, hearts, souls, truest-love(s), and beyond, thank yous for comprehending me/myselves/I without the need for my editing ❤️. Personal details: 💞 I live in Australia 🌹 💗 SEAsian Australian (Born/raised in Aus) 🎀 💝 Life motto: Always genuinely kind & fair via virtuous intents first on purpose first💡🔂

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