I know my capabilities and many kinds of souls care about me in their own ways [I never want/need my sorrows to effect others’ overall-health]. Wherefore I always do my best to keep my emotions, feelings, senses, etc., in controlled whenever. Because of who I am [I’m conscious/aware of my many capabilities, potentialities, etc., in life], I shouldn’t 100% express my inconsolable senses [I’m emotionally traumatised to the maximum this year but I’ll manage as always]. I won’t/never intentionally hurt anyone via immorality intents first on purpose first.

I’m always eventually happiest (That’s true) but this never means I don’t continuously care about others. To me, I personally shouldn’t express/inform others [On my personal website contexts] my melancholiness when it unexpectedly exits; unless, I should (It depends on the situations/conditions).

Furthermore, I comprehend my happiness/peacefulness make many happiest as well. I shall 100% truly be happiest/peaceful in life. Happiness/peace could improve everyone’s overall-health in needed times [We all should be happiest/overall-healthiest]. I’m genuinely considerate via my own personal conceptualisation; yous 100% know this.

For others’ contexts: I completely comprehend how/why others’ needing to truly expressed themselves whenever. Do what you personally need to in order to heal yourselves (Peaceful & lawful contexts). I’m not you; you know yourself best.

REMINDER: I’m seriously always loving, lively, considerate, and beyond. Never/don’t worry about me in life when I’m offline consistently, or for a long duration of time [Life/people loves me or they don’t mind me]. I’m simply awesome by merely being my truest selves and life only gets better for us. We’re in it together forever. Let’s always keep learning, improving, advancing, progressing, etc., and be the best we ought to be; I definitely want all goals/dreams into realities (Even for my haters-first, they could be with those compatible to them [I shall be in my own Universes anyway]). Dreams & goals are truly for everyone.

Published by Dimensions Magenta Pinkness

Contact me if/when yous need/want via💡. Yous’re cherished by me 💝. Think of the consequences first and be empirical in/for life💗. Always care for your overall-health [life]💞. Be with those that truly care for yous most. I’m here for yous as well💖. I love my personal truest personal thoughts 💕 (FYI: I forget to search words’ definitions at times since I have my own personal/impersonal obvious definitions/contexts, so expect editing whenever misapprehensions are apparent [Please be patient with me, I have many posts to sort through all over again when this happens]. Never/don’t ever be sad by me [I care for yous 💞]) as we’re all unique, special, perfect, beautiful, etc., in our own ways💓. Personal details: 💞 I live in Australia 🌹 💗 SEAsian Australian (Born/raised in Aus) 🎀 💝 Life motto: Always genuinely kind & fair via virtuous intents first on purpose first💡🔂

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