At times, I feel hastened by others if this is from a loving point of view, than yous further inspire me to care for everyone more—thank yous.

As extremists, we mainly have zero limit with our passions (I put my University above my entire-health/life ([It wasn’t difficult but the schedules should be personalized] I had to move out to focus because my popular/party-extended families can’t comprehend I need my own personal me-time at times [I’m not into partying 24/7]). I forgive them; however, I had enough. My mother is strict with me yet offers her families freedom. It’s complicated; nevertheless, I unconditionally/truly love my mother] if you’re wondering how/why. For me, I believe this is correct for my personal interests, hobbies, passions, etc., in my life but I should’ve cared of my overall-health. I never thought truest-love 100% existed [I knew it wasn’t impossible but there was no evidences in my all-inclusive life at that moment in time] as I would 100% changed my highest priorities). I 100% died; however, I was saved by an unknown entity (100% not from planet Earth, that’s all can disclose to yous). I’m unsure what was going on; my dearest love ones passed away during the time-span I died (Proceeding to my death contexts [It was worse than death itself]). I can’t be the one that was resurrected. People truly don’t comprehend, we never live in the same realities in life [Supernatural phenomenons exist, in my personal life. Believe or not, entirely up to yous].

For personal time/schedules of individuals, know yourself and your personal limitations/boundaries. Including all forms of your personal strengths.

Now comprehend the followings:

Agewise, People get to choose to age naturally or not by cosmetic treatments, surgeries, lasers, etc., nowadays. All these are safe when you seek skilled/qualified surgeons, doctors, dentists, etc. Beauty isn’t a concerned in modern life. Evidently, many are youthful for life. It’s only a matter of personal choice/preferences.

I don’t know if the world comprehend how critical the older generations are in life, anywhere. They are literally real life guardians. Their life experiences/advices could save younger-generations/yous because they were in the same/similar situations/mindsets. Some simply know better; thus, they never experience such issues in life [They possibly have/know the answers to all your problems/issues in life]. Personally, many people in the older generations that are timelessly inspirational for/to me. Their work is timeless [If I must compare, some of the younger generation & my generation can’t compare to them. Obviously, I’m aware everyone is advancing, learning, etc. Meaning all could be as successful or more. It all depends on the individuals’ personal-priorities [I 100% respect all personal choices/priorities in life]. Fact: There’re timeless individuals in the younger generation and my generation already]). Workwise, passions never die. That’s why it’s crucial to find your passions if you’re passionate [Once you find your passions in life and you’re doing it right for/in life. Your passions do your work as those aren’t work for your passions]. Also everyone has their own methods/concepts of success, lifestyles, careers, entertainments, etc. I personally believe options in life are needed and should be available. Again, age never defines maturity. Forms of maturities links to forms of compatibilities.

Personal time/schedules are as unique as the individuals themselves. Pushing yourselves to the maximum could lead to self-destruction, death, heartbreaks, etc. Do your best but always keep in mind your entire-health [Psychological, emotional, spiritual, physical, etc., healthiest contexts]. Think about it, you’re never the only one in your age/generation and you’re never the only one that’s passionate, gifted, special, etc., in life. You’re inspiring people similar/compatible to you, those with relatable situations in any generations. Or people interested different options in life that everything is possible, achievable, etc. It truly is. (I’m composed. When it happens, it happens. I don’t rush myselves anymore because my passions will take over anyway. I have many passions in life as well. I live life in my own timeframe now)

Reminder you can be anyone in life whenever, careerwise. Success is different/personal-preferences for/to everyone as well. Some people prefer to be globally successful in the spotlights, others prefer more nonchalant global-success(es)’ systems. I don’t see anything wrong with any kinds of strategies/social-stratification contributing as long as they’re helping others via kind intents first on purpose first in life (Or their own ways of being optimistic to those that admire them), and everyone remains safe. These are simply personal preferences, priories, choices, etc. Helping, inspiring, etc., others in life are admirable/needed (People should realise passive impacts are more/as effective/real as any forms of influences in life). I have famous inspirational people I cherish in life. At the same time, my inspiring individuals right now aren’t famous, or they’re retired. They prefer not to be in the spotlights [I invariably respect all personal decisions in life]. I cherish of them. They all continue to inspire my generation, older generations, and younger generations.

Reminder: I also care about the younger generations. I accept/forgive them too. I’m all about new innovation, ideas, etc., in life or everyone being their truest selves as well [Peaceful & lawful contexts]. Many are already wise, intelligent, etc., and they’re inspiring others to improve, progress, and beyond. Letting anyone be themselves/expressive are essential for their entire-health at any age. I’m understanding since it’s never shocking for anyone to behave/think certain ways by any generations. From my personal observation, I know souls, hearts, maturities, age, compatibilities, passions, wisdom, interests, hobbies, personal-contexts, etc., could/should be separated to truly comprehend extremely unique kinds of individuals in life.

Reminders: This is my personal thoughts [I comprehend myselves; however, I’m always changing]. Truly COMPREHEND yourself [Rest when you need/should, but never/don’t give up/in].

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