Your body is functioning; however, your mind/heart/body feel unconnected to your consciousness/soul due to traumas, severe-depression, etc? It’s best to see a compatible psychologist (for safe medication to be overall-motioning or yourself again [Ideally the entire or high percentage of that medication is natural to consume for a limited time [Don’t only 100% utilise to pills if that’s avoidable. When your mind & body start to feel they aren’t 100% yours, stop, and inform your psychologist, doctor, etc., asap. You’re meant to be yourself again, nor someone else. Observe/know yourself, make sure you’re not overall-worse on medication]).

When you’re overall-motioning but you’re depressed, severely-depressed, suicidal, etc?

Comprehend you possibly have the answers to your emotional, psychological, etc., issues already. You know yourself best: What/who you truest-love. What’re your beloved/happiest passions, interests, hobbies, etc. What kind of lifestyles are suitable/perfect for you. You can heal yourself and make yourself content again in with/in time by/from new/more optimistic/overall-heathy experiences/memories.

(If you ask my me, I personally simply would sleep/rest [It’s predicted to be restless for insomniacs/people with traumas, depression, etc] then find my happiness again [Peaceful & lawful contexts], etc., at my own time/schedule while ensuring I’m actually overall-healed/healing [Because I’m healing naturally, it might takes weeks to feel better again (Conditioned by what happened and your personal thoughts/senses, crying all the time at first is perhaps anticipated). Then I return to work, contributing to life is a kind sign I’m pretty healed to an extent. The rest may be more of personal spiritual passions of mine in my personal time as that’s 100% needed for my personal happiness in my personal life.)

Whatever/whomever you’re passionate about are your personal/personalised drugs [Alternative/compatible-soul contexts]/medications of yours. You can naturally emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, etc., heal yourself. Be empirical in life and truly personally know yourself (The more/sooner the better). If you have limitation & boundary, those should be acknowledged concerning your overall-health [Reminder, overall-health means physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, etc., health] (Otherwise, you can’t heal yourself. Ignoring personal disciplines would reverse you efforts to heal yourself [Protect yourself from yourself/others whenever you should/need/must]).

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