I want my compatible souls to know I truly love their souls most. I platonically-love many things in life due to my many gifted artistries [This is inevitable & natural for me], BUT your lives, souls, hearts, kindness, and beyond are priceless/perfection to me [Yous’re the meaning of life]. Take care of your overall-health, souls, hearts, etc. I respect your body; you should too, sexual contexts. Exterior visuals are merely exterior visuals to me; unless, those those are meaningful.

I would put my compatible souls above fame/wealth.

It’s unavoidable for me to be famous in the near future [Fame is never my goal in life]; I don’t have a choice. Most of my gifts are fame related. My passions guide me there; it’s only natural. It’s merely a matter of time. I shall only use my gifts for peace in life. Innovation is natural to me [With my own businesses, profits are inevitable]. I love to work as well. This is simply me merely being myself; I’m trying to be famous. If I must be famous, comprehend it is what it is. Some passions are natural to others. I shall forevermore mind own life/businesses at any stages in my life. Others’ issues in life only reminder me to refocus. Those are merely signs to me and others, thank yous.

Money is only for what is for in everyday life. Your lives, souls, heart, etc., are invaluable to me though. Seriously, take care of your overall-health, soul, body, etc.

I don’t know if my compatible kind of souls know this, but yous could always depend on me for financial/home support too [You’re my all, that’s the very least I could do for you. Thought this was obvious]. When you need, I shall always help. I truly love compatible kind of souls most [Perfect, peaceful, kind, etc., souls]. Don’t feel there isn’t a home or no one you could depend on in life.

Published by Dimensions Magenta Pinkness

I love my personal truest thoughts πŸ’• because we’re all unique, special, perfect, beautiful, etc., in our own ways πŸ’ž. My email: thepinkhues@outlook.comπŸ’. I comprehend individuals have personal divergent/contrasting minds, souls, attitudes, priorities, realities, etc., and I 100% respect personal final decisions alsoπŸ’ž. I platonically love yous πŸ’. Personal details: πŸ’ž I live in Australia 🌹 πŸ’— SEAsian Australian (Born/raised in Aus) πŸŽ€ πŸ’ Life motto: Always genuinely kind & fair to all firstπŸ’‘πŸ”‚

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