Countless celebrities have feelings, emotions, hearts, etc., as well. People need to be considerate, respectful, etc., at least to them also.

It’s effortlessly detectable for Empaths and beyond but I’m informing/reminding all to be more conscious of everyone’s entire-health [Psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc., health].

I’m one person (One truest-love of my kind. There’s no same truest-love twice as no one is 100% identical, soul/heart contexts [I don’t mind preaching/inspiring my kind of truest-loves/friendships to compatible females and saving their relationships/friendships if they’re needing my guidances. They changed themselves with my compatible new information/directions]) and I’m capable of virtuously living without needing truest-love in my life on Earth. I don’t feel the need/want for friends to be honest as well [I don’t mind truest/true/genuine/compatible/soul friends]. I’m capable of 100% happiness/peace on my own. Spiritually, I’m not alone anyway.

Celebrities seeking truest love contexts (Yous could be the one for them): Listen to your genuinely compatible celebrities as well, your soul knows it (With celebrities], you could search them up in details. Most were interviewed too). Many are seeking truest-love. As celebrities, they don’t have genuine diverse/varieties minds/individuals of potential candidates as others [Celebrities usually date celebrities but there aren’t many celebrities compare to the whole population on Earth others have]. Their methods of dating are definitely more private as celebrities. They can’t simply go out anywhere/anytime/whenever to meet people/anyone without paparazzis, rumours, etc as well. Also many people only see their fame/wealth; it’s more difficult for them find someone that truly loves them. Their life could be more restricted regarding this contexts too.

Friendships/Soul-friendships contexts: For examples, 100 celebrities are possibly in truest-love with me? I genuinely cherish all of them for their own unique admirable selves. I NEVER want to hurt anyone that genuinely cares about me [never immoral intentional first nor on purpose first]. We’re compatible, so let’s not lead anyone on. We could be truest/soul/genuine/true/compatible friends if they truly can’t find truest-love (Personally, soul-friendship is peaceful, vital, etc., for most people. I personally never consider healing compatible souls as pessimism. To me, it’s virtuous, mindful, kind, natural, etc., to help soul-compatible, peaceful, perfect-soul, compatible, chill [Note-for-others: carefree contexts], etc., individuals). Being in soul friendships allow me/others to be encouraging/caring/supportive to many (Truest-love is solely reserved for one perfectly genuinely compatible soul. Of course, he doesn’t have to be a celebrity; truest-love is about perfect soul-compatibilities). I/others could help them select their truest-love or be there for them after a break-up as a friend. Whenever they feel there’s no one that cares for them in life, I/others could help them. That’s what truest/soul/genuine/true/compatible friends are for. The same for compatible individual that aren’t famous. You don’t have to be famous for my soul-friendship by the way. Virtuous females as friends are essential in many males’ lives they don’t realise yet.

To anyone that wants to help your friend and my personal advices help yous? This is how I would be there for my friends. Otherwise, I 100% respect your personal decisions as always.

In unexpected times/moments/distresses of their lives, you never touch them when there’s only the two of yous alone. Personally, I wouldn’t even touch them (A comfort friend kind of hug is the maximum [To me, hugging is normal for friends. It’s a form of greeting as well. This isn’t leading anyone on]). They possibly fall in love when they’re psychologically, emotionally, etc., vulnerable, but I’m or you’re there as a true/truest/genuine/soul friend (We’re never wanting to lead anyone on here).

Usually, just being there is enough. Most males have everything already. Some don’t need/want anything. They usually only want someone compatible that truly cares about their souls, minds, life, etc.

If you’re only a friend to someone due to his wealth, social-statuses, career(s), etc., in his personal life, you’re not a true/truest/genuine/soul/compatible friend. The soul friendship I’m mentioning of? You’re meant to be compatible to them as soul friendwise. Simply imagine they have nothing in life and you can’t visually see them. If you’re still genuinely caring, protective, compatible, considerate, respectful, etc., to them, you’re considered a true/genuine/truest/soul/compatible friend (in my personal thoughts).

Do whatever he enjoys most [Nothing sexual/deadly/illegal of course] when he’s unhappy. The target is to make him happiest/healthiest [Psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc., contexts]/functioning again. Be there when they’re sick and care for them as a friend. Having someone that truly cares for them whilst time/optimistic-events/new-memories heal them and are possibly the answers to end whatever is impeding their progresses in their life/goals. Simply be genuine, supportive, encouraging, etc. They’re capable, they only want specific someone that’s missing in their lives but that someone means/is everything to them. (If you’re working, your truest-love/family needs you as well? You must follow up with your friends asap in case they aren’t healed yet. Those that care about you would comprehend your strict career’s devotion [It’s not as if your intentions are careless towards them], love-life, family-life, etc. How are you meant to genuinely care for others when you can’t even support/care for yourself; friends in general would understand, especially your soul friend. They would comprehend your efforts/compassion towards them with your other needed life’s priorities.)

Males having truest/true/genuine/compatible female friends enable them trust in truest-love with other perfectly soul-compatible females seeking truest-love too. They enjoy females as soul friendships; therefore, they eventually seek truest-love with their perfectly soul-compatible-truest-love as they know their female friends are only truest/true/genuine/compatible friends. Males only having males as friends could lead to no truest-love if all of them are heart-broken, and never trust females again. Self-destruction shall exists if they don’t change.

I respect all kinds of friendships of my friends. The worse I do is leave them if incompatibilities occurs [They’re become disrespectful, hateful, jealous, etc., first via immoral intents first on purpose first to me]. People only change themselves anyway. I definitely never want many people in my personal life unless many individuals are special to me. People don’t truly comprehend I’m actually being their soul-friend/friend for their lives. I actually don’t need anyone in my personal life. I adore solitude and I adore my kinds of souls as well. I could truly be happiest with either/both when I’m not hurting anyone.

I hope this helps; I shall update for new information.

I’ll do the same for my females friends, sisters, brothers, etc., from another mother/father. With females, I notice via association, extreme affection is still merely friends [I was one of those extremely affectionate straight females to my all my close ex-friends. I’m naturally extremely affectionate for all of eternity. The only differences are my sexuality, I’m bisexual now]. Lesbian/bisexual females are usually verbally straightforward if/once she’s/we’re interested. We’re both females, so there’s no/less reason to be shy in my personal opinion.

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