Apprehend you don’t even need a qualification to be a CEO/entrepreneur but qualification(s) are required to work for others.

For those that have been working for a long period time or yous have surplus (Currently, I’m not into loans from the banks [You could, if you 100% want/need to. Do think about all types of risks and more with new businesses though. Caution: I’m not responsible for anyone that’s completely new to businesses being in debt nor more debt]). When you’re truly unhappy with everything, know that you are meant to create everything anew. If yous don’t mind (yous content also) everything, their missions in life aligned with yours, so new businesses are optional for yous in life [You could simply work with/for them].

I’m NEVER emphasising education or academia is insignificant. Personally, I believe taking specific courses you personally know is 100% related to your goals in life (after you completed some sort of qualification at least to know you’re passions/purposes in life) to stay updated/informed enough to be a responsible CEO/entrepreneur your employees could depend on. To me, I don’t have time to study full-time for years again now while I’m working full-time or expanding my businesses (There definitely should be more weekends/afternoon-evening specific single subject within a course, or combination of single subjects within courses. I would definitely apply for those while working [Personally, specific subjects need a real life compatible human lecturer there in person for me, so some online single course don’t always work out]). The rest you could hire others’ skills or commence work-partnerships/outsourcing for your own businesses/establishments.

This is also for those that are abused/harassed in their careers and are surrounded by incompatible individuals to the point where it’s affecting your mind/soul/personal-happiness/peacefulness/personal-life.

You must grasp they prefer you working for them if you’re gifted (Your gifts can’t be taught [Those that copy you only be second at their best]), or notably an exception. You’ll be considered a top competitor when you have your own businesses. That’s also the rationales why you tend to have issues/concerns with certain aspects of everything more than others. You’re see the core significant improvements/upgrades [I’m not referring to skills, I’m saying innovation] others currently don’t/can’t 100% know the true benefits to others (Professional full-time career(s), not personal hobbies as certain hobbies are for personal purposes. It’s never intended for everyone in a business contexts). It’s normal for gifted individuals to never truly 100% fit in the system that’s made for the masses. The purposes of your gifts are meant for innovation. NEVER give up. It might take time to achieve your goals in life (Everyone is unique thus contrasting timelines of successes are actually standard. For the gifted ones, successes are most divergent for yous as the mass’ systems aren’t made for yous. NEVER give up on your goals when you can help others in need though is my motivation also). If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for them. I’m NEVER forcing anyone of course. Simply, think about it though. I’m never into being against the mass’ systems, only peacefully integrating new changes/options for the obviously gifted ones of life or anyone preferring more selections in life. Personally, everything can be solved via peace, wisdom, knowledge, prevention & warning, regulation, blocking, empathy, respect, justice, Karma, Heaven, Hell, etc. No one needs to be truly worried, stressed, etc. Stay true/genuine for yourself/responsibilities, and those you care about.

As a leader, the options/creativities are limitless. Especially for the gifted individuals’ innovation. Establish your own company. You can’t/won’t be the last of your kind. Younger generation needs the change/innovation. Be who you/they need. You should never feel confine with a certain company/cooperation in life. Create the change/life you need/want. Possibly, others need/want/demand the same changes also.

Everyone truly is the CEO of their lives. It’s simply a matter of personal priorities, and I 100% respect personal decisions/lifestyles though. All up to yous.

Tare care of your mind, soul, entire-health, emotions, life, etc. Others truly care about your entire lifespan. There’re always solutions now, soon, or later. You shall 100% heal with purpose and time harmoniously.

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