I’m one of the exceptions to needing truest-love [Love/True-love are everywhere. I’m only interested in 100% personally perfectly compatible soul, truest-love contexts]. I peacefully love myself to harmoniously/genuinely platonically-love or care for others (I had been this ways for years so I forgot others’ fondness at times, my errors). I NEVER use, abuse, manipulate, harm, etc., anyone in my entire life via selfishness FIRST on purpose FIRST.

This is for anyone that are beyond lovely and they don’t know it as well. If you’re capable of changing for the one you love, I’m happy to help both of yous; otherwise, I 100% respect your personal decisions. Truest love should exists for all. No one should be jealous of anyone.

Priorities in consecutive order if I was in a committed relationship: work, close-family, significant-other, then friends.

I prefer my personal life to be simplest since I had enough of extended families (I don’t them but I prefer not to have them in my personal life.).

Work: Put work first because it’s one of my passions and I personally prefer to be independent in life.

Close-Family: They never stopped loving me throughout my entire life since the day I was born, enough said.

Truest-love: [In details for this contexts]: Only showing trust, understanding, genuineness, truest-love, empathy, compassion, patient, respect, gratitude, care, passions, affection, faithfulness, forgiveness (only in complex case [I consider minor issues as minor, but minor issues shouldn’t be reoccurring. Those would manifest into large issues]), consideration, and beyond.

Friends: For me, this is optional as I’m happy/peaceful alone as well.

That’s it. Many individuals are caught in unnecessary situations/issues with irrelevant incompatible souls in real life and their prime relationships are ruined. Improving myself for the one I truest love/care in life is inevitable to me. In real life my personal me-time must be peaceful.

I believe cooking/house-chores must be fair [Cooking is purely for health]. Then again, there’re healthy alternatives to cooking as well. I never want to cook, unless I have spare time.

I’m oriented by peace, faithfulness, trust, patient, commitment, etc., but most significantly I’m gifted, passionate and extreme.

To me, gifted, passionate, etc., males are the ones that truly need my kinds of love most as we’re compatible in those elements. They’re never 100% happy unless they 100% decide to compromise with other kinds of females.

Females OUGHT to be themselves. My gifts, passions, extremeness, etc., are contrasting to yours. Being yourself makes you an original; therefore, comparison is inapplicable. Meaning your souls simply need to be 100% perfectly compatible to those I’m compatible with now (I hope my rarest/dearest soul-compatible individuals to me don’t think I don’t care about them. I genuinely do, that’s why I’m disclosing this. Selfishness and jealousy are nonexistent in my life.

Be yourself/genuine/true. Comprehend all males have feelings, emotions, etc., too. You MUST put his heart, feelings, emotions, soul, overall-health, etc., over everything/everyone when you must. Including your own wants/needs/demands. The perfectly compatible soul to you will only do the same and beyond.

You ought to be willing to votive yourself to save him if there’s no other options. Your perfectly compatibility soul mate shall only do the same and more. It’s only natural to love one another because you’re souls are perfectly compatible.

Most people are usually jealous [Except me] but they don’t always show it. You must NEVER be close-friends with many guys/men in a committed relationship or even close-friends with one guy/man if the one you love doesn’t want you to [This is personal so discuss it with your significant other]). Think about it, why would you jeopardise your relationship for others over your truest-love? No reason at all. The person you truest-love will only do the same for you as well.

Yes, you need to stop hanging out with people your truest-love doesn’t want you around (You don’t need to end friendships. Merely don’t hang out with them all the time). His psychological health is vital as discontentment effects physical health over an extended time [I’m sure there’re other issues he isn’t showing/disclosing 24/7]. You’re suppose to trust him with everything first. When he’s wrong, he will trust you. Prove it when you’re entrusted. This is respect, healing, etc., as well. Trust, faithfulness, commitment, devotion, etc., are basic within a committed relationship.

You never suppose feel restricted because he’s the one you’re willing to do anything to make him happiest. He shall only do the same and be considerate towards you as well. Everything should be fair the very least or there must be healthy compromises for one another.

If you’re honestly unhappy with being genuinely considerate to the person you claim to truly love, he/she isn’t the one for you. The one for you? His/her entire-health, contentments, etc., are suppose to make you happiest & peaceful. When you truly love someone, caring for one another is the norm. Personally, it’s 100% immoral if anyone can intentionally watch someone they truly love in their personal life be in any forms of psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc., suffering without reaching out to help them [It’s evidence they don’t care about one another, so they’re actually incompatible].

I’ll update this whenever so I others could love one another better.

P.S. If this helps any sexual orientations’ truly love one another better, awesome, and you’re welcome.

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