Comprehend anyone that’s considered young or confused are usually continuously learning in life. Those with wisdom, life-experiences, etc., should be their role models; be understanding, lenient, forgiving, helpful, etc., whenever yous can. They’re still learning and progressing/advancing in life [Fact: Lessons in life are endless for anyone at any age]. Their errors in life are inevitable, expected, anticipated, etc. No 100% has their life figured out 24/7 their whole life; life could be unexpected. Be patient with them/anyone. The youths’ souls are definitely 100% forgiven when they 100% PROGRESS/CHANGE for the better throughout their entire lifespan [Approximately 80+ years].

I have no regret in life. Age 18 – 39 are young to me. However you’re 10000000 years old? Yet you look 18 – 39 years of age? I would consider you young to be honest. Age 18 – 39, those years, mistakes are inevitable and errors in life are unavoidable life’s lessons. Keep in mind age never define maturity as well. No one has a 100% has a perfect life 24/7 from the start – end and no one is 100% wise, mature, intelligent, etc., the second they’re born in life. Mistakes and errors are part of the learning progress a person must do for himself/herself in life (Recommendation are only inspiration, they make the final decision to change themselves). No one remains 100% the same forever (If someone died early [1-25 years old contexts], comprehend their negative past is NEVER who they are in the future. Most people can’t 100% prevent mistakes at any age 24/7, so youth’s mistakes are inevitable in life. Only Empaths and beyond [me & gifted others] know others’ truest potential if that person is lost in life). Learn the lessons, change by never committing offences again. Move on in life. Yous are 100% forgiven. It’s better to make mistakes in your youth anyway. There’s a highest chance more time is wasted by being with the wrong people at the wrong places your entire life if you don’t. The highest entities in life, Mother Nature, The Universe, me and virtuous others comprehend this/yous. Please be move on and be happiest with peace of mind to pursue your personal priorities/goals in life or do whatever makes you happiest in life. That’s all we wish/want for you.

True, age never define maturity; wherefore, older generations still make mistakes and errors too. I’m capable of forgiving a murderer with painfully unimaginable past who is a stranger to me if he/she is 100% changed/matured [Other cases without dead a body, please know there’s no hate AFTER 100% changes. Only genuine acceptance and care]. To me, unintentionally or influenced murdering is the worse mistake in life for the murderer and the dead. Intentional killing is beyond worse, but I could still forgive if that stranger [serial killer] 100% changed. If he/she is 100% truly sorry, she/he 100% never does it again, and 100% comprehend how she/he hurts those strangers by evil intents first on purpose first are unacceptable? I could forgive them and their souls because they are NEVER who they are in the past. It’s the same as comparing two different people. That’s inapplicable. He or she isn’t the same person anymore. People make mistakes in life but most individuals are capable of changing for the better in time, especially the gifted, wise, intelligent., ones. Moreover, every days of your life are the evidences of your 100% changes. The new you is the evidences of an 100% changed person.

In the end, it’s inevitable/normal to make mistakes/errors in life. 100% change, and 100% learnt the lesson(s). So you can’t/won’t be in the same situations. I’m capable of forgiving strangers and their SOULS in exceptionally complex cases [Many can’t comprehend you/this and haters-first are incapable of comprehending you for life. As an empath or more, I 100% know the past you is NEVER who you truly are. I faithfully comprehend you and the youths’ abilities to be wise & mature anywhere now, or in the near future.

FACTS: Haters-first need professional assistance asap.

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