More personal information regarding me via time frames (Due to privacy confidentiality, I reject to impart specific dates of my personal details, thank yous for comprehending):

College: I already confirmed that I never used popularity to abuse others [It’s merely the fact that it what it is. I/we never aimed to be popular either. It’s natural to us/me]. Then again, I/we get along with most individuals in real life, especially me. I got along with everyone popular in almost all year levels as well. This is the major/prime apparent difference to my ex-friends and I. In College, each of the year levels has their popular group. My year level was my group and so on for each of the year levels.

I truly know similar souls to them and I could adequately foresee the future [I’m an empath or more. I have advantages in comprehending others].

Me being close-friends with other popular groups (Above my age. The younger popular groups are sweet but I see them as my younger-sisters/bros, not friends at the moment in time [I never thought of younger guys to be someone I could truly love at moment in time. Currently, I do respect adults’ age differences in relationships. It’s not impossible for truest love to exists between adults since age never define maturity, and life isn’t perfectly time for everyone, I could comprehend in those contexts). Everyone eventually doubted me regarding friendships.

I could comprehend their doubts. How could I 100% be their besties when I’m also genuinely close-friends to their semi-enemies/enemies. They’re incompatible to one another.

Recognise I’m already rare. No one empathises me, complex-friendships contexts. I could truly be an honest, confidential, close, genuine, soul, etc., friend to all popular groups that despise one another. I sincerely don’t hate any of them via kindness first on purpose first, I never intentionally harm anyone via evilness on purpose FIRST in my entire life FIRST. I truthfully see good in all FIRST despite differences in our friends groups.

Spitefulness, hate, etc., 100% exist towards me by those I’m not close with. How I’m genuinely effortlessly popular in different year levels, my gifts are timeless (This is a reoccurring issue for me, overall-life contexts and Social Media is part of the evidences [My truest-nature & my genuine animated selves exist when I’m with perfectly compatible souls or compatible souls (WARNING: I’m simply/genuinely polite/kind/friendly/peaceful/respectful/lively first to ALL in everyday civilised association [Including impersonal daily work relations with colleagues that aren’t close friends. This is expected professionalism at work complying with work-ethics] FIRST and daily errands FIRST. PLEASE Differentiate (for yourselves), thank yous [I’m NEVER leading anyone on anywhere/anytime])].

No one truly understands how I could be compatible to many as others are only truly popular in their year levels. They couldn’t comprehended someone could be true; regardless, of being a true friend to their enemies/semi-enemies as well. I genuinely cared for all of them via kindness first on purpose first. At the same time, I could understood their doubts when there wasn’t many similar individuals’ capable of genuinely being compatible to all the main popular groups. There’s no other concrete evidence of certainty to support me at that moment in time [I simply became the evidences when they genuinely sought my forgiveness/peace/truths with their hearts/souls/minds].

All of them lost an authentic/genuine friend that would stay to the end and it’s truly not their fault to be honest. I’m one of the mercurial in the essences of life for only peace. Honestly, I don’t hate any of them as I 100% comprehend their/the-masses inevitable flaws/errors to new concepts & establishments of/in life.

Life: My purpose of/to/for life is unique to others which is the same to individuals since we’re all personally contrasting/divergent offering/creating disparate gifts/offerings to life/The Universe(s).

I believe in cautiousness/prevention than solving the same/similar issues all my life due to incompatible souls. And I’m still inevitably effortlessly popular in life to be honest. If I feel anything towards the masses souls [general contexts], it’s compassion, peace, etc. I 100% agree/comprehend why the best kinds of souls prefer to have few compatible friends with similar/same virtues [never wasting time over distrusts by disparate beliefs] (Personally, I would only consider fame when I’m impersonally peacefully/optimistically supporting the masses population, and souls in need via charities as well, work/business-contexts [It’s only sane/understandable/reasonable for me to truly be my personal self in my personal time/properties/zones, same goes for everyone in their personal anything/everything]).

All these popular groups in all year levels are Southeast Asian Australian raised/born in Australia (Comprehend our nationality [born/educated in similar/same academic/opportunities regulated & approved systems] are the same; notwithstanding, our different ethnicities [Depending on the individuals, personal thoughts should be stronger than visual influences. E.g. Who/what we literally consider as soul perfect, families, significances, etc]. Effortless Popular individuals are peacefully popular [Not needing to try contexts, merely being our truest selves via personal-contentment/overall-contentment, and for peace]. We [including others] inevitably inspire many generations to advance.

P.S. It goes without saying, I was obviously popular in Primary School if yous were wondering.

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