I.e.: Whenever I write, ”I never [ever] start issues FIRST in my life” (or something similar), it means I never [ever] start issues first with evil intentions first on purpose first in my entire life. I thought this was obvious; nevertheless, I wanted to be precise for my ambiguous readers. I’m always kind first via trust first on purpose first. It’s best to email me via thepinkhues@outlook.com to clarify in the name of peace & justice if you’re truly confused, or hurt by me. I’ll reply asap, thank yous in advance for your patiences. I’m happy to solve issues for peace, perfect-souls, etc.

FYI: When I haven’t been writing often, know that want to; however, I’m more busy than usual. Take care. Read my writings, and heal. I always reread my writings to update information asap. Thanks for understanding and your patient.

Published by Dimensions Magenta Pinkness

I love my personal truest thoughts πŸ’• because we’re all unique, special, perfect, beautiful, etc., in our own ways πŸ’ž. My email: thepinkhues@outlook.comπŸ’. I comprehend individuals have personal divergent/contrasting minds, souls, attitudes, priorities, realities, etc., and I 100% respect personal final decisions alsoπŸ’ž. I platonically love yous πŸ’. Personal details: πŸ’ž I live in Australia 🌹 πŸ’— SEAsian Australian (Born/raised in Aus) πŸŽ€ πŸ’ Life motto: Always genuinely kind & fair to all firstπŸ’‘πŸ”‚

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