Personally, a person’s personal/private properties/everything/anything and professionalism in professional environments shouldn’t intermix (Exceptions: Yous using those to inspire people to be better and more aware to help themselves and others). Some people are different at work to their real selves in their personal/private lives. I’m 100% different at work because that’s a personal a fact for me. Work is impersonal to me, so everything personal is actually irrelevant for work [peaceful & lawful contexts]. I’ll formally cooperate. However, I reject tradeoffs for my soul(s). Most careers are highly regulated anyway. From my personal & professional all-inclusive outlook, I 100% comprehend anyone personally loving themselves peacefully and sharing their personal lives on their personal & public social media accounts. Or being carefree, chill, etc., publicly on social media (As long as they’re not being haters-first, Freedom Of Self Expression should be the norm. Exterior visuals, actions, words, etc., could be misinterpreted, misunderstood, unintentional, and more). I know whatever is personal is a personal decision (Personal preference contexts); including a public account or private account. I’m 100% certain the masses would be different on public social media if their personal lives/hobbies/interests are 100% the deciding factors of their jobs requirements.

Personally, I’d hire people base on an order for my own establishment(s), such as, wisdom, professionalism, integrity, genuineness, passions, compassion, career-devotions, kindness [unbiased, nonjudgmental, caring and beyond], fairness, maturity, etc., It’s about the experience. I never want my customers/clients to experience shady, attitude, toxic, spiteful, etc., services (I experienced customers services that was unsatisfactory. From a business perspective, they’re undeserving any customers’ presences at all if that’s how they treat their clients. If it’s a one time visit/question, I’m cool, and I couldn’t care less [I know that person has personal issues. Happy/compassionate/genuine individuals are peaceful and sincerely happy to assist others, especially they’re getting for those purposes]. But for services I invest/use for a long period of time? Professionalism is fundamental (No one needs need to love me. Just be professional; it’s the minimum. They’re hired to help, not decreasing customers when they’re unregulated). Also kind/sincere/empathetic/compassion senior employees are the kind of leaders that could effortlessly inspire/sympathise/comprehend others to be better in supportive psychological ways as they’re more empathetic in the most unexpected cases. They’re the elite supportive-systems (of life) others seek in unexpected situations/circumstances yet they’re genuinely happy/passionate to assists all [Clients and co-workers]. They create a continuous welcoming, 100%-healthiest [I.e. Psychological, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc healthiest contexts], peaceful, understanding, and lively, etc., work-culture & life (We never need to worry about financial deceits also as these are genuinely peaceful/fair individuals). It’s simple/naturally who they are; these souls crucial/vital/prime to me. You ever notice the best services/work-colleagues/life are created by genuinely sincerest/good/compassionate/empathic/peaceful/kind souls. I want my clients to experience that honest/caring/special/genuine/protective and peace of mind kind of services regarding work (Advices, updating-skills/knowledge, managements, business-partnerships, and beyond).

Also most skills/knowledges are acquirable via repetitions [excluding gifted abilities but only CEO rank truly needed for gifted abilities as innovation are requirements for the main position]; hence, I’m unimpressed. Work-lifespan isn’t always one second/time/chance at all time for entry level positions. It’s normal make make few errors within the first few months for entry level positions or any new positions (Disclosure: I’m willing to train/invest more in perfect souls if needed. As they’re gifts in life for all until the end of time and for future generations, in the name of peace. I’ll micro manage until I’m confident they’re 100% my kind of perfect employees). Those that work there for years are obviously faster and/or more knowledgeable about specific confidential information/methods/strategies/skills because they’re been completing the same/similar tasks/routines/questions/responsibilities for years. It’s expected/obvious that they’re currently more advance/precise than entry position employees.

I shall 100% do everything differently with my own establishments and life. To me, the current hiring process/system isn’t right. That’s why the right candidates usually don’t get the job. The person that got the job eventually leave or they aren’t healthily passionate/obsessed/genuinely/happy with what they do. It affects their overall-life and possibly impacting work-services if they’re unregulated. I 100% skip the interview questions stage of hiring (Never trust words anyway and first impression is silly to me [That’s the same as judging a book by its cover; pretenders are literally everywhere on Earth]. Furthermore a soul truest self is when that person has everything [It’s usually Power & Wealth. Reminder: “Everything” could be divergent/anything to individuals’ personal priorities]. Usually people seeking for work need funds/life’s purposes, especially those recently graduated. Or those returning to work from understandable factors (Illnesses, care-family, injury [healing time], and more). Many individuals finalised their life’s lessons (Wisdom is 100% a need as genuine compassion, sympathy, empathy, etc., are essential to form my types of perfect employees) or figuring out their personal life. Wisdoms can’t be taught. Copied wisdom is obvious as it has insincerity and the evidences are issues always resurfaces). It’s silly to expect them to be 100% perfection to me via first impression. Psychologically, they should be 100% passionate, career-commitments/devotions, genuineness, kind, etc., and capable to endlessly changes/advances for work are fundamental/essential for new employees to me]). I need appropriate legitimate evidences of passions/commitments/genuineness (Trustworthy evidences are always over a long period of time anyway [First impression is 100% another error in life if you ask me]. Once I approve the resume [The resume is literally the questions stage done. Evidences of relevant/recent qualifications is needed, of course [Exceptional case: My establishment shall be the first to hire someone out of soul compatibility, no qualification needed. If we’re compatible, there’s a high chance their geniuses in their own ways, and working together in goodwill shall be effortless]). Straight to training. After a fortnight of training, onto how well they are with clients [with access to supervisors] and their progress is the answers/evidences. Simple yet effective.

Last but never the least, specific-relevant qualification(s) or transferable skills. To me, willingness to 100% genuinely CHANGE/learn/advance and sustain careers’ commitments are beyond significant than a person with years of work experiences or skills by others companies [Those companies might be incompatible my styles of managements, preferences, concepts, regulations, work-culture, etc. That’s why I’m unconcerned where they work in the past] for entry level positions. Moreover, skills and knowledge via repetition & time is obtainable. Again, career commitments, devotions, etc., is superior to me, work contexts (Personal contexts: I comprehend not everyone is career-orientated; it’s personal decisions. I respect personal decisions. It’s your life, your personal happiness). We must be one of your HIGHEST PRIORITIES. Ultimately, my perfect/rarest candidates have work in mind 24/7 [Hence yous must be passionate naturally on your own. I’m never forcing anyone. You should already be naturally passionate].

Let passions (pure career-joy/fulfillments in what they do [their life purposes] shine onto the clients/company/work-culture and everyone they meet in life), dedications [Would candidates take work home to remain part of the company for a period of time, from time to time to advance. Established skills of candidates from other companies are good; nevertheless, willingness to learn/advance/CHANGE is best since new innovation is a must with us], etc., be the evidences/deciding-factors (not interview questions) then skills/commitments are appropriate for the needed tasks/projects/career are inevitable.

The wrong/mistaken candidates have the options to leave prior committing. NO FORCE to commit. Since this a simple/effective/better hiring hiring system, companies know exactly how employees perform at work and candidates are 100% inform of what they’re committed for long period of time. Careers aren’t meant to be few years. It’s FOREVER. PASSIONS NEVER cease. You’re meant to be happy with us for LIFE if you’re truly the suitable/perfect employee.

I 100% know over-confident, arrogant, egotistic, pretentious, phonies [manipulative so untrustworthy contexts as well], immaturity [does not genuinely know/comprehend how/when to be truly formal in serious matters, and be sympathetic to clients], etc., people with attitude vibes are not the types of souls I want. They’ll provide my clients with attitudes, insincerity, jealousy, spitefulness, etc., over pettiness (BTW: Most are aware but they’re simply a waste of time no have time for, not even to report them. I know many clients won’t waste time reporting haters-first because I don’t waste time reporting haters-first for a one time service as well. I’ll never see them again [FACT: Hating-first already shows they have personal issues anyway. For on-going services I already paid? I must report as no one needs to tolerate constant haters-first anywhere [Additionally, they aren’t hired to hate on clients. Simple]). Also misrepresenting my establishments’ virtues to my clients at work when unregulated or oppressing others via higher ranks [This hinders overall companies’ newest potentials & ideas] to my new or selfless employees [This INFURIATES me as I care about selfless employees‘ happiness the most]. I encounter those types of unacceptable individuals. They’re in it for themselves, definitely not the happiness/goals/peace of my clients & team.

It’s normal to be a little nervous/forgetful/robotic when it’s truly the position you’re passionate about. It shows that you care and your humanity exists. You’re probably doing your best to be perfect thus automatically answering in a robotic/memorised form first (Being robotic shows more career commitment/priority as memorising lines is done by time [Dedication takes time]. These are the people that will do more than what their customers ask of them because it’s their dream careers [They’re already committed/passionated]. Also, its’ who they are [Possibly already a natural habit for them]. Good-nature/peaceful/compassionate souls are rare anywhere). I 100% comprehend being extremely nervous to the point of forgetting a bit first means the position is everything to you (Since we’re your everything, you’ll are CAPABLE OF 100% CHANGING FOR US [This is one of the rarest employee as people only change themselves]. It’s obvious the nervousness/forgetting will go away as skills/knowledge are via repetitions, in different contexts. Nothing to be truly be nervous nor forgetful when schedules are expected and you’re 100% prepared).

Adversely, it’s polite to respect other’s life/personal-priories/decisions and all companies’ regulations. If we can’t agree, we won’t do business at this moment in time. No need to force changes on anyone/companies/business-partnerships right now. Keep it simple/professional (Impersonal entire-life contexts [Work uninvolved in personal lifestyles’ contexts]. Clarification: Business contexts [work to clients] should be personal regarding personalised everything/anything to clients if/when companies/work-partnerships are compatible/possible).

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